Loki is the crow who lives on board the Dream Chaser in a nest near the captain's quarters. He is a full grown male crow of average size and weight, with a keen curiosity and intelligence. He takes an acute interest in all activities that occur on his ship, and enjoys sitting on the exposed piping in the ceiling and voicing his opinions of such activities.
Carrion crow

Loki enjoying shore leave at a park.

He is playful by nature with the crew of the ship, and seems to enjoy spending time with most of them (some more than others), and also seems to enjoy music. Another hobby of his is finding unattended small items and stashing them in various hiding places he has around the ship.

Captain Riddle spent a great deal time and energy befriending Loki, so Loki often humors the Captain by riding around on his shoulder.

Much of Loki's history is unknown, but let's face it, he's a crow, so it's probably not that interesting.

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