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MandalMotors is a Mandalorian company located on the planet of Mandalore that builds various spaceships, including the Pursuer-class Enforcement Ship. In addition to this, MandalMotors has recently begun construction on other war machines, such as the Raider Grav Tank, and the Terror Walker, a reconstruction from an older variant of the AT-AT like walker.

During the Clone Wars, the Mandalorian government, with its new army of Mandalorian Protectors, took control of the MandalMotors facilities so they could be used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

MandalMotors was not allowed to do business under the auspices of the Galactic Empire until an Imperial "advisor" was placed on the company's board of directors. Following the Battle of Endor, this "advisor" was ousted in favor of support for the New Republic. However, soon afterwards, MandalMotors was quickly forgotten, due to the heated war against the Imperial Remnant, and the necessity for more formidable craft to square off against the Empire. With the reunification of the Mandalorian Clans under a new Mandalore, MandalMotors is once again working for the Protectors.

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Following the reunification of the clans, MandalMotors was approached by Mandalore Cadden Blackthorne, requesting that they begin a full production line for the completed defenses of Mandalorian territory. Furthermore, new technologies would be needed for this endeavor. Impressed by the way that Cadden restored honor to the Mandalorians, MandalMotors immediately allowed such a request, and got to work on producing the Mandalorian Battle Fleet, which consists primarily of fighters and troop transports. Several new technologies had to be created, including a variant of the Dungeon Ship to hold the increased amounts of starfighters that Cadden wished to be created. Furthermore, recognizing that true superiority would require faster, more powerful craft, they immediately got to work on new innovations to increase effectiveness against odds on the battlefield, particularly if they were to prove a formidable foe against the increasing Xen'Chi threat.


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