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Marrak's Military Armaments came from humble beginnings, but since has become one of the foremost manufacturers of military hardware in the galaxy. Its products are famed for being both high-quality and reasonably priced, a valuable combination for any prospective customer. All in all, MMA stands as a shining example of how hard work and innovative ideas can pay off.



Marrak's started out as a small store on Nar Shaddaa just after the Battle of Yavin. Unlike most male Togorians, the young Marrak was stricken with both a desire to venture off-world and a keen interest in technology. Quickly discovering that furthering his natural weaponsmithing ability was not possible on his homeworld, he soon left on a quest for knowledge. He read countless articles and technical journals, improving is knowledge base, while talking with soldiers, law enforcement agents, and even bounty hunters to gain their perspective about the weapons he wanted to produce.

Several years later, Marrak met and befriended the famed bounty hunter Raptor Duk-Val, who himself possessed a good set of technical skills. Together, and armed with years worth of Marrak's technical and Raptor's practical knowledge, they established their own shop on Nar Shaddaa. While Marrak worked on designing their own set of arms, Raptor's wide range of connections allowed the small store to gain unprecedented licencing deals to sell and service some of the biggest names in weaponry, such as BlasTech, MerrSonn, and others. The store quickly built a reputation for high-quality, reasonable prices, and remarkable custom designs. As their profits grew, the two diverted some of their proceeds to expanding their stock, beginning to sell armor and equipment as well as a more diverse array of weaponry. Growth was exponential, allowing Marrak and Raptor to open two, then three more stores on the Smuggler's World. Sensing the opportunity for a galactic market, the pair began hiring qualified weaponry and armor experts to design a proprietary line of products for their stores. A year and a half later, Marrak traveled to Coruscant and had his store incorporated, and MMA was born.

Early StrugglesEdit

Not everything went as planned. Their first off-world venture on Coruscant initially fared badly, and investments were lower than anticipated. Even sales at their homeworld stores of Nar Shaddaa dropped. It was eventually determined that the presence of a feared bounty hunter as a major stockholder caused some investors pause, and that their old clientele of smugglers and mercenaries were reluctant to purchase their arms from a company that had gone 'respectable', fearing that the more public venues and the need for good PR would lead to their being either refused at the door, or worse, turned over to law enforcement officials.

Furthermore, their self-designed weapons were not familiar to the great majority of the public, who were leery of buying unproven weapons. With great regret, Raptor handed over the majority of his stock to Marrak and sold off the rest, leaving him with little more than a token share in the corporation. With equal and similar regret, Marrak sold the stores on Nar Shaddaa and used the proceeds to open another store on Corellia. An aggressive new marketing campaign began to extol the virtues of MMA's line of weaponry, continued cooperation with the well-known BlasTech and Merr-Sonn corporations allowed them to bring brand-name recognition to their stores. Investments and sales rose.

Hitting Their StrideEdit

Just as before, Marrak was not content to sit back and let matters lie as they were. With covert advice and input from Raptor, Marrak reinvested much of the profits, hiring top-flight designers, technicians, and scientists to begin developing the next generaton of MMA weaponry. As the companies success grew, Marrak was able to proceed with more innovations, more designs, and better quality. Soon, sales and profits began in increase rapidly once again.

And the rest, as they say...Edit history. The corporation opened store after store, and factory after factory, spreading across the galaxy in leaps and bounds until achieving its current state as one of the leading corporations in known space. Whether serving major businesses and private armies to the small homeowner looking for self-protection, MMA does it all. It is the rare planet in the galaxy that does not have at least one locally-owned, MMA-affiliated weapon store. Safely entrenched in the public eye, MMA will lead the way for decades to come in personal safety and military hardware.

Assets & InnovationsEdit


Not long ago MMA moved its corporate headquarters from Coruscant to its new home on Outreach. In addition to headquarters, the corporation's military training center, several large production facilities, and some low-scale mining operations are also housed in the system.

Additionally, three other nearby systems are under MMA colonization efforts; Hesperus II contains the main manufacturing and R&D complexes for the corporation; the Styx system is being exploited for its rich mineral and ore desposits; and Kathil is home to MMA's primary shipyard facility. Two other systems, Coventry and New Avalon, are under MMA control, but at present, no plans for developing them exist.


MMA boasts one of the largest shipping fleets in the galaxy, ranging from tried and true designs like CEC's Action series to proprietary designs like the Condor and Triumph. Even so, the corporation will often subcontract some shipping work to smaller companies and independent ship captains. Part of this stems from the simple desire to reduce wear and tear on the existing ships. Another reason is recognition that MMA itself started small, and will sometimes go out of its way to support the smaller entities in their own quest for greatness.

The corporation supports millions of employees and hundreds of factories, ranging from small facilities producing personal weaponry and armor to huge complexes manufacturing the very latest in walkers and planetary armaments.


Point 1 Walker/Armored Vehicle, 2 Fighters, 5 Armored Troopers
Star 5 Points
Binary/Trinary 2/3 Stars
Cluster 3-5 Binaries/Trinaries
Galaxy 3-6 Clusters

MMA is unusual in that it maintains a rather sizable military, both spaceborne and groundbound. Part of this stems from the fact that it is, in itself, also a planetary and system, and even a sector government; it must safeguard the systems from attack or predation. Too, the corporation must protect its facilities from sabotage, its ships from pirates, and its employees from harm.

Exact numbers are restricted information, but it is believed that the corporation supports several dozen capital warships of all sizes and at the equivalent of at least five divisions of planetary forces, although much of that strength is scattered across the galaxy protecting the companies various facilities.

Further distancing them from typical companies is the organization of their military. Traditional units are kept only in units using standard infantry without battle armor. Battlearmored infantry, armored vehicle, walker, and even some starfighter units are organized using the listed organization.


  • Commander MMA Military: Star General Phelan Ward
  • Director of Intelligence: Michi Noketsuna

New TechnologyEdit

MMA is at the forefront of design and research when it comes to arms and armor. Listed here are some of the revolutionary new design innovations that have come out of the think-tanks at MMA.


Harjel is a type of jellied synthetic armor. A network of tubes run thoughout the outer hull of a ship; in the event of a hull breach, the system uses very high pressure to squirt a fast-drying, tarlike substance across the breach, which temporarily will patch larger holes long enough for personnel to escape to more safer compartments. In case of larger breaches, a network of tiny cables is first shot out to provide additional support and stability to the patch. Once dried, the harjel, in addition to sealing the hole, provides the equivalent protection of a panel of phototropically treated transparisteel. Subsequent layers will reinforce the patch, although not appreciably increasing the protection offered.

Ablative ArmorEdit

While not unknown to the galaxy, MMA researchers have taken it to the next level. Using revolutionary new materials and forging methods, designers managed to create an armor that, when hit, progressively melts or is fragmented away at a rate proportional to the weapon used. For example, a blaster firing at the armor will do damage at the same rate no matter how deep it penetrates, and different power weapons will do differing amounts of damage. The armor is equally effective against energy weapons, explosives, or projectiles. Three versions have been developed. Class A, made superdense by applying strong gravitational forces to compress the armor while still in liquid form. The armor is, however, very heavy and only used on capital ships. Class B, a lighter version more suitable for use on starfighters, armored vehicles, and walkers. Class C is the lighest (though still quite heavy) and is used on powered armor like the Elemental Battle Armor.

Rotary Blasters/PDS/AMSEdit

The new Rotary Blaster consists of six E-Web heavy blaster barrels set around a central core. The focusing crystals and actuating module have been upgraded to provide twenty percent greater firepower. The barrels contain only the focusing crystals, while the main unit houses the gas chambers and actuating modules. As the barrels rotate, the weapon charges the tibanna gas and passes it into the barrel in a precisely timed sequence, allowing each barrel to fire and cool before firing again. The weapon has several different firing rates, but the higher settings will eventually either melt the barrels or cause catastrophic failure of the weapon.

Both the PDS (point defense system) and AMS (anti-missile system) are outgrowths using networks of Rotary Blaster as its base. Using narrow-wavelength sensors, a specialized targeting computer, and advanced automated threat-assessment sensors, the systems become deadly against incoming missiles of all sorts. Swarms of missiles can overwhelm the system, but individual attacks are easily stopped. The AMS is used on armored vehicles, walkers, and planetary emplacements, while the PDS is deployed on starships and employs a slightly heavier version of the blaster to make it more effective against enemy starfighters.

Gauss RifleEdit

The Gauss Rifle uses electromagnets to launch two types of projectiles with great force and accuracy. Either a solid durasteel slug is launched, capable of penetrating thick armor, or bullet-shaped shell with a two-stage plasma/proton charge for use against shielded or heavily armored targets.


LRM's (Long Range Missiles) are small missiles with a shaped proton charge for a warhead. These missiles are designed to follow a ballistic, arcing path to their target, making them useful for bombardments or for attacking targets not in direct line of sight. They have limited guidance systems, meaning that rapid movement will cause them to miss. Thus, they are not overly effective against fast-moving targets such as starfighters, fast hovertanks, and the like. They come in racks of 5, 10, 15, or 20.

SRM's (Short Range Missiles) are a shorter-range, more powerful version of the LRM's. The missiles are bigger, possessing a larger warhead, identical to those used on concussion missiles, and with more sophisticated guidance systems, but less fuel. As a result, they are powerful close-in fighting weapons. They are more effective against the faster targets, although they are still poor against starfighters. They come in racks of 2, 4, or 6.


The Particle Projection Cannon is actually a modification of an existing weapon. Tank droids carry powerful particle cannons, capable of leveling bunkers with one shot. However, this weapon is fairly large, and the droid itself is twice the size of an AT-AT, making the weapon unsuitable for anything smaller. MMA engineers have managed to downsize the weapon considerably, making it small enough to mount on walkers and larger vehicles. The damage is reduced, but that is still an acceptable trade-off. The weapon's massive punch can blast its way through even AT-AT armor with ease.


A rapid-fire rotary cannon, the autocannon fires salvoes of high-explosive armor-piercing shells. It comes in three varieties; light, medium, and heavy. The main difference is the caliber of the shells. Light autocannons have greater range, but do low damage. Medium-class autocannons have greater damage potential, but less range. Heavy autocannon deal massive damage to the target, but have very short range. They can also be loaded with fragmenting sub-munitions or proximity-fused rounds, greatly enhancing their effectiveness against airborne enemies.

Pulse LasersEdit

Very similar to repeating blasters, except much more powerful, the pulse laser uses a rapid-cycling, high-energy pulse to generate multiple laser beams, creating an effect comparable to machine-gun fire. This allows fire to be 'walked' towards a target, improving the hit probability. However, in order to avoid ruining the weapon, the pulse laser must fire in short bursts, as the rapid pulsing creates immense heat. They come in small, medium, and large varieties.

Product Lines Edit

MMA has one of, if not the largest, product selection in the galaxy. Its original, and since expanded, selection of personal weaponry and equipment is supplemented by a wide variety of armored vehicles and walkers. Latest additions to its catalog include a full range of planetary weaponry and shielding, a line of starfighters and atmospheric craft, a series of starfreighters, and most recently, a full spectrum of powerful capital ships.

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