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Massachusetts Academy
Location Massachusetts
Builder/Designer Wayne Enterprises and Frost International
Owner Alessandra Santiago
Affiliation Generation X



Taken over by Emma Frost years ago, Massachusetts Academy was a school similar to Charles Xavier's Institute for the Gifted. It was a place where mutants could learn and grow. While Emma used it for her own ends, it was still a school for mutants and it had it's own team, Generation X.

Years later, after the Chrell Invasion, Blair Walker, CEO of Frost International wanted to rebuild the school and restart it. After getting in touch with the CEO of one of the largest and most powerful companies in the world, Isaiah Muir of Wayne Enterprises. Blair got in touch with someone who had worked for years with mutants, Alessandra Santiago, herself a mutant. She enlisted Alessandra's help in restarting the school. It took a little convincing, but Alessandra was in a place in life where she wanted to go a different route, to move on from where she was, and try things on her own, having lived in Jarlan Xander's shadow for a large portion of her life. In the end, Alessandra agreed. Once they found a suitable place, blueprints were worked on. Alessandra used her knowledge of Jarlan Xander's school, and other past mutant schools to see what would be needed and what would and wouldn't work. From there, construction began.

A few months of construction later, the school was completed, and all of the inspections were done. The school was ready to open. Alessandra had spoken to a number of possible teachers around the world and had put together a capable staff to help her run the place. Soon she was ready to accept new students to her school.



Alessandra Santiago-Headmistress, Counselor, Legal
Alec Partridge- Security, Maintenance
Benjamin Grant- Health Services
Melissa Cantrey- Librarian
Joanna Hughes- Food Services


Melissa Cantrey- Basic Mathematics
Shane Grammer- Mutation, Chemistry, Physics
Benjamin Grant- Mutation, Biology, Italian
Alec Partridge- Self Defense Instructor, Physical Education Instructor, Mechanics
Vincent Reeve-Mutation, Government, Politics and Current Events
Alessandra Santiago- Mutation, English, Portuguese, German
- History

Brooke Kerr- Higher level Math, Economics
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Teaching Assistant[]

Ravyn Crow- Teacher's Assistant (Shane Grammer), French


Thalia Violetta Carlisle
Rose Decker
Isis Fae Draoidheil
Charles Durant
Laurence Hague
Emmett Lutz
Samantha Martin
Minerva Martin
Mara Martin
Joseph Medina
Nikhil Patel
Audrey Reeve
Emerson Peay Renssalier
Kip Stoddard
Leland Grace VonAlstjyne
Jacob Wesley
Sean Wright
Micah Williams


Generation X
X-Pendables (Secret)

One of Massachusetts Academy's Dormitories