Matthew Donovan
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12 BBY

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189 cm

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Biography Edit

Matthew Donovan was born on Balmorra as the son of a small-time merchant and smuggler. When he turned 15, his father started to teach him the basics of commerce. On his 19th birthday, his father gave him an old Ghtroc Industries 720 Freighter, which Matthew named Shadow's Rest. He went to Nar Shaddaa, where he began smuggling for a local crime lord. This led him to smuggling in Sith territory, an inherently lethal business. When he turned 23, he returned to Balmorra and was engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Silvia Ashen. He then returned to smuggling in a bid to earn enough for the wedding. On his final mission, he was captured and sentenced to death, but was rescued by Lucath and Nietdaeth, who used his capture as an excuse to defect from the Sith Empire. Together, they travelled to Dellalt, and then set the course for Nar Shaddaa.

While en route to Nar Shaddaa, the group was captured by pirates. Moving quickly, Lucath and Nietdaeth disabled the pirate captain and took command of the pirate ship, forcing them to return to their base. Once there, they managed to persuade the pirate leader, Noel Silvermoon, to make an alliance with the group. This was the beginning of the Order of the Twilight.

Lucath offered Matthew a spot as his apprentice, and Matthew accepted. Lucath and Nietdaeth spent two months training Matthew and Beliel. By then, the limited knowledge of the two former Sith was becoming apparent, and when the news of the fall of the Sith Empire reached them, Lucath and Matthew went to Ossus in search of a Holocron.

They found more than the Holocron; the former pilot Keira Darkflame joined them on Ossus, and was taken as an apprentice to Lucath.

While they were away, Nietdaeth recruited several others for the order: the Fallen Jedi Niran Quinn, the Firrerreo Leos, the Kiffar Gaebriel Marien, the Cathar Uraki Tysus, and the near-human Zhang Li.

These five new recruits were trained primarily by Nietdaeth, only occasionally coming across Lucath and his apprentices. Matthew studied the students of Nietdaeth with interest, and even aided Leos and Gaebriel in their first solo-mission, to the planet Oechalia.

Shortly after, the pirates and the Brotherhood left, settling on the homeplanet of Leos, Firrerre. On Firrerre, Matthew became the first apprentice to advance to the fifth tier, marking him as a Knight.

Until recently, the Order resided on Firrerre, as part of an informal alliance with the New Firrerre Republic, but after the Firrerre Sector has plunged into chaos, they have left. Donovan and his brethren are now searching for a new home...

Information & Statistics Edit

Trained by both Lucath and Nietdaeth, Donovan is a master of Soresu and Djem So. He fights with a single lightsaber.

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