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bright pink with black, 10 feet long extensions

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Boring into your sole

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If applied directly to body

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PrincessTabetha/Blackhunt CEO Raith Seinar



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Bottoms of shoes




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Passive Aggressive

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Defected Special Forces

Loris Empire (via Naboo)

Red Falcons

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Loyal Sons of Naboo

New Republic (via Naboo)

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My Mom

My Dad


'Nother Poster Cussing? Sure


I am one of the Lead Roleplayers of the Exodus planet of Naboo, its incumbent moons, and solar system. I have been since at least roughly 2003 or 2004, when Exodus opened. And possibly/probably even on the old SWG boards. I share this distinction with others, but most notably Allyah--also known as PrincessTabetha/Blackhunt.

I don't claim to be the most active Roleplayer, though I do try. Real Life does have a tendency to pull me away and keep me away. Tabby is easily the most active and consistently active of the real-life Naboo Roleplayers on Exodus, and deserves her place as Queen of Naboo.

Complete Naboo Thread Listing from the BeginningEdit

Santhe/Seinar Fleet Technologies "A new hope and a NewEdit

Link to Santhe/Seinar Fleet Technologies "A new hope and a New

Ends up on Naboo, and is the earliest record I could find on the boards of Tab's RPing Naboo

USA - Naboo: Negotiations BeginEdit

Link to USA - Naboo: Negotiations Begin

June 8, 2003-August 22, 2003

I'll be honest, I didn't even know this existed until I started doing a search for this list

Naboo: Jaded Flower of PeaceEdit

Link to Naboo: Jaded Flower of Peace

February 2, 2004-March 15, 2004

Naboo Soverign System of Naboo: Shadows of the past Katalanya's CurseEdit

Link to Katalanya's Curse

March 15, 2004-April 13, 2004

Soverign System of Naboo Friends and WarEdit

Link to Friends and WarEdit

April 13, 2004-June 30, 2004

Soverging System of Naboo:....Evils Quest of DestructionEdit

Link to Quest of Destruction

June 30, 2004-Jan 3, 2005

Seinar Fleet Systems: Victories and SacrificesEdit

Link to Seinar

Naboo story took a brief hop over to SFS.

Sovereign System of Naboo: War's Cruel WrathEdit

Feb 1, 2005

Link to Wrath

Naboo Dawn of WarEdit

Link to Dawn of War

Naboo: War Makes Strange FriendsEdit

Link to Strange Friends

Naboo: WAr Makes Strange Friends IIEdit

Link to Strange Friends II

Naboo: AcessionEdit

Link to Acession

Naboo: Shadows RisingEdit

Link to Shadows Rising

Naboo: Out of the ShadowsEdit

Link to Out of the Shadows

Current Thread

Remembrance: Phantoms of the PastEdit

Link to Remembrance

Current Thread--Primary Thread. There's currently a celebration going on of the 50th anniversary of the Trade Federation being thrown off Naboo.

Red FalconsEdit

The Red Falcons were a paramilitary group that existed during the Galactic Civil War, operating in the area near Naboo, protecting Naboo and her interests in a completely unofficial capacity. They were led by Lukas Prito, and were briefly affiliated with the Defected Special Forces (DSF), before returning to their independent, privateer roots.

Their forces consisted of a Correllian Gunship, a Corellian Corvette, and their mobile headquarters, a refitted Dreadnaught. The Dreadnaught had most of its fighting capacity removed in order to provide refit and repair facilities, living quarters, supply storage, and command and control capabilities for the entire Red Falcon outfit.

Notable Members:

Lukas Prito--Founder

Yachne Prito

Syun Yung

Teyr Schmitt

Naboo Royal Security Forces (RSF)Edit

Lukas Prito--Director of Naboo Royal Intelligence Forces (RIF)

Sache Cooper--Bodyguard to Princess Rachel

Yachne Prito

Naboo Royal KnightsEdit

Main CharactersEdit


Naboo-affiliated (Non-RSF)



Main Roleplaying LocationsEdit

Theed Royal PalaceEdit

de Lova mansionEdit

Sel JakkaEdit


Icy, third moon of Naboo


Swampy, second moon of Naboo


stupid things I have said/done:

Everything ever. Also:

Vox: I'm evil
Maul_Junior: lol
Maul_Junior: I know
Maul_Junior: you ARE the red...
Maul_Junior: er...
Maul_Junior: red dude

Anton de Lova picture

Anton de Lova

Because I need a place to link to them for now.