Mayer, Ingram, Rogers
Founder Maria Rogers
Hannah Mayer
CEO Miranda Vesper
Chairman of the Board Eden Fairchild
Known EmployeesAngela Mancini
Alessandra Santiago
Claire Burris
Locations New York City
Number of Attorneys1870

A powerful law firm based in New York City and Boston, Mayer, Ingram, and Rogers is a well known and reputable firm. It does business with a variety of clients, and is not limited to New York City or Boston, doing work on the West Coast of the United States as well the Midwest out of their Chicago office. Extremely famous, it has many branches and has offices in London, Moscow, and Beijing, along with a burgeoning office in Madripoor. The firm specializes in the legal code of the United States, however. It takes on a wide variety of cases, though it usually specializes in trial law, corporate law, and contracting law. Furthermore, it has taken on extensive legal cases when it comes to supers and particularly with the Mutant community. This has been a hallmark of the law firm almost from day one.

Rumors about that this is because of one of the key founding members being a mutant, but as of yet, there is nothing that substantiates these rumors. What is known, however, is that the firm is very pro-Mutant and one of its top lawyers, Alessandra Santiago, is a known mutant. In addition, the firm is incredibly female friendly, opting to use its power and prestige to even the playing field more in the field of law practice between males and females, resulting in a large percentage of female attorneys in the firm.

Each lawyer is given a wide berth when it comes to freedom in choosing cases, once they have proven themselves to the firm.

It works in tandem with the legal departments of a number of companies, including Frost International, Wayne Enterprises, and Fantastic Research Inc.

Current AttorneysEdit

Alessandra Santiago Partner (Boston)
Angela Mancini Junior Partner (Chicago)
Claire Burris Junior Partner (New York)

Former AttorneysEdit

Nathan Graham Senior Associate (New York)

Behind the ScenesEdit

The law firm's name was created by taking the nickname that many have attributed to myself, "Mir" and coming up with three names that sounded like they would go together.

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