Star Wars: Exodus Visual Encyclopedia
Mechis III
Astrographical Information

Inner Rim


Mechis system



Physical Description
Primary Terrain
  • Rocky
  • Volcanoes
  • Industrial
Societal Information
Native Species
  • Humans
Official Language
Major Cities
  • Mechis City

Mechis III is a rocky, smoky and volcanic planet which serves as one of the prime droid manufacturers in the galaxy. Covered in automated droid building facilities, it has provided the galaxy with all manner of droids for generations. Many of the galaxy's largest droid designers subcontract the construction work to the plants on Mechis III, where the automated systems were highly efficient.


In the days of the Old Republic it served as one of the many droid foundries of the Techno Union, Arakyd Industries Genetech Laboratories, SoroSuub Corporation and Veril Line Systems. It was also the headquarters of Trilon, Inc., a ship producing company.

Xen'Chi War[]

Mechis III was involved in two bloody battles during the Xen'Chi War. The First Battle of Mechis III saw Mechis III as one of the first major invasion points for the Xen'Chi. The First Battle of Mechis III is considered one of the bloodiest of the war, involving the deaths of nearly every humanoid on the planet, which considering was not that many. It was the number of civilians that were killed that it is considered so bloody.

The Second Battle of Mechis III was a victory for those fighting the Xen'Chi. The Mandalorians and Oremin were the primary participants in this battle. This would be the beginning of many victories for the Mandalorians against the Xen'Chi as they began Operations: Dissection and Hammerfall.