Star Wars: Exodus Visual Encyclopedia

The Ministry Council presided within the Senate Councils of the New Republic. The Council was charged with funding the General Ministry, approving the Minister of State and the First Administrator, and general oversight of the various ministries of the General Ministry. If the Chief of State should die, be incapacitated, or generally out of contact, the Ministry Council had the right to select an interim Chief of State from the current Minister of State, a former Minister, or a former Chief of State, at least until the Senate could elect a new Chief of State—a very special power when compared to even the Advisory Council. Each councilmember had one vote, while the Head of the Council had two votes.


Alyesa Praxon, Head of the Council, Senator of New Alderaan
Mordriun Zak, Senator of Bakura
Senator of Alzoc III
Senator of Columis
Senator of Donovia
Senator of Velmor