Star Wars: Exodus Visual Encyclopedia
Astrographical Information

Mid Rim






1 (Naboo)

Distance from Core

34,000 Light Years

Rotation Period

26 Hours

Orbital Period

312 Days

Physical Description



12,120 km







Primary Terrain
  • Rolling Grassy Plains
  • Swamps
  • Grassy
  • Hills
  • Forests
Surface Water


Points of Interest
  • Caves of Eleuabad
  • Gungan Sacred Place
  • Lake Country
  • Varykino
  • Emperor's Retreat
Native Fauna
  • Kaadu
  • Opee Sea Killer
  • Sando Aqua Monster
  • Shaak
Societal Information
Native Species


Immigrated Species


Official Language

600 million

  • Theed
  • Otoh Gunga
Major Cities
  • Harte Secure
  • Kaadara
  • Keren
  • Deeja Peak
  • Moenia


Major Exports
  • Blossom Wine
  • Fine Art
  • Plasma
Former Affiliation
"An extraordinary world, Naboo. I'll never understand how it spawned someone as stubborn as our Supreme Chancellor." :―Bail Organa[src]

Naboo (pronounced /nə'bu/) was a planet that was the sector capital of the Chommell Sector near the Outer Rim territories. It was a largely unspoiled world with large plains, swamps and seas. It was mostly known as the homeworld of notable historical figures who played major roles in the downfall of the Old Republic and the rise of the Galactic Empire, namely Padmé Amidala, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine and Jar Jar Binks.

Geographic features[1]Edit[]

[1]The picturesque landscape around Naboo's capital city of Theed. Naboo was a geologically unique world in the galaxy. A plasmic molten outer core surrounded an inner core, believed to be composed primarily of a nickel-iron alloy, with very small amounts of some other elements. These elements were found in abundance in other chemical compositions in the galaxy, but it is the unique properties of the plasma which interested astrophysicists, plasma which the two primary civilizations harnessed to supply clean and efficient energy highly valued throughout the galaxy. The plasmic magma "seethes and bubbles" from the center of the planet carving labyrinth of winding tunnels and caverns similar to lava tubes of traditional magma flows. Much of these abyssal labyrinths were submerged in great underground oceans, which were home to immense aquatic animals, some of these animals were never seen by the inhabitants on the surface.

Animals such as the Colo Claw Fish, Opee Sea Killer, Sando Aqua Monster, and others inhabited this underworld realm. Gungans dominated these "underwaterways," using them as a highway of sorts between their surface Holy Places and their underwater cities. The Gungans also used these tunnels for trading between Bubble cities. Plasmic eruptions found their way to the porous crust of the planet, affecting geographic features there such as mountain chains and plate tectonics. The surface of Naboo was covered by dense swamps, rolling grass plains, seas and verdant hills. The largest mountain chain, the Gallo Mountains, bisected the largest continent and divided the great grass plains of the north from the Lianorm Swamp and bayous in the south. South of the Lianorm Swamp was the great Paonga Sea, where at the bottom lay the Gungan city of Otoh Gunga. The Lake Country was an area known for its natural beauty, and was home to many vacation estates.

Sentient species[2]Edit[]



Pre-Human period[5]Edit[]

The Gungans were believed to be indigenous to Naboo, but this is uncertain. They have been there a long time, as they engaged in battles of survival with the veermoks during an ice age. [6]Otalla Gungans.Added by JMASAn alien civilization of reptilian humanoids remembered as the "Elders" colonized Naboo. Around 7,032 BBY, they engaged in warfare with the Gungans, forcing the Gungans to retreat underwater, giving rise to modern Gungan civilization. Monuments and ruins, scattered throughout the planet, were built by the Elders. The largest of these ruins, located on the northern edge of the Lianorm Swamp, was identified as the Gungan Holy Place. The Gungans viewed these ruins as sacred, and their builders as "guds". Both Gungan and Human Naboo scientists agreed that the end of the "Elder" civilization, 5,032 BBY, may have been the result of the "Elders" negligence towards their environment. The Ankura and Otolla branches of Gungans united, forming a symbiotic relationship. They dominated Naboo for millennia afterwards, though largely keeping to the swamps and waterways; the mountains and grasslands considered 'desert-like' for them.

Human colonization[7]Edit [8][]

A Cargo Craft in the Polar Regions of NabooAdded by EyrezerAround 3,951 BBY, prior to the end of the Sith Civil War, Elsinore den Tasia ascended to the throne of the Core World of Grizmallt. She sponsored the Republic explorer Kwilaan, who discovered Naboo with a fleet of three ships—Beneficent Tasia, Constant and Mother Vima. The planet became known as Naboo, after the deity Nabu. Naboo quickly became notorious amongst big game hunters who favored the indigenous veermoks, although it would be five decades before permanent Human settlement. Eventually, in approximately 3,900 BBY, Human refugees fleeing a violent revolution on Grizmallt, led by none other than Kwilaan, settled in the mountains and great grass plains. Cultural differences led to tension between the two peoples—but direct conflict was rare. Over time, there was more conflict between the various Human settlements than between the Human nation of Naboo and Gungans.

War of the Gungan Tribes[9]Edit[]

[10]Otoh Sancture, soon before its destruction by Rogoe.Added by WhiteBoyThe Gungans long lived in rival cities. In 2,575 BBY, a warlord known as Rogoe destroyed Otoh Sancture using Bursas. Boss Gallo escaped this destruction, being on a hunt at the time to provide food for a feast. Gallo united the thieves under rogue Captain Marsune and the various Gungan cities' defense forces to form the Gungan Grand Army. Gallo and Marsune led the Army to conquer Rogoe's capital, Spearhead, which he renamed Otoh Gunga—a city for all the Gungans. The Bosses of Otoh Gunga, including Gallo's descendant Rugor Nass, maintained a hierarchical leadership over the Bosses of the other cities thenceforth.

Early Gungan/Human cooperation[11]Edit===[]

Despite the prejudices that existed between the Human Naboo and the Gungans, cooperation was not unknown. Although both civilizations turned a blind eye to it, they came to depend on each other in trade conducted on the fringes, out of sight of "respectable" society. In a progressive move, when the Human city Kaadara was founded in 2,900 BBY, Regent Kallos Sook hired a Gungan security force to protect the city from beasts. While this tradition eventually died out, it was revived in Kaadara after the Battle of Naboo in 32 BBY.

Colonization of Rori[12]Edit[]

King Narmlé the Explorer colonized Naboo's swampy moon of Rori, c.2,000 BBY. A city there still bears his name. Some scientists contended that earlier colonists settled Rori before the Narmle colony, but if this was true, no trace of them was ever found. ===The Jafan dynasty of Theed[13]Edit=== In 1,000 BBY, a crisis led to a large scale conflict engulfing all the Human Naboo princely city states, though there was no evidence of Gungan participation. By 830 BBY Jafan ended the conflict, uniting all Naboo under his leadership becoming King of all Naboo, and founding Theed as his capital in 832 BBY. Jafan ushered in the "Great Time of Peace", and established Theed (previously a farming community along the banks of the river Solleu) as his Royal Capital, eclipsing Dee'ja Peak. Jafan established the Jafan royal family which would provide hereditary rulers of Naboo for generations, until the last of their line expired without legitimate issue. C. 529 BBY, a number of needy Gungan locals were approached by recruiters sent by Hugo Bartyn. Bartyn wanted amphibian fishermen to settle a new city in Lamaredd and tempted these poverty-stricken individuals with promises of untouched seas in a new frontier. Once they arrived, however, they became slave laborers.[7]

The Gungan-Naboo War[14]Edit[]

[16[15]]The Gungans largely isolated themselves, moving to locations such as the Gungan Sacred Place.Added by JMASThe Naboo and Gungans fought an open war between 150 BBY and 121 BBY, and during the conflict, the ruler of Naboo died. Once hereditary within the Jafan royal family, the Naboo elected a new monarch to lead them in the war. The position of monarch has since been an elected post. However, provisions in the constitution allows for the monarchy to become again hereditary once a dynasty worthy enough is revealed; a clause the Naboo attempted to invoke hundreds of years later for Amidala, who had declined the offer, and later with Kylantha, who may have accepted the offer. But only as a cover for the Queen.

The first invasion of Naboo[16]Edit[]

In 100 BBY, the Gungan Grand Army fought off unknown invaders of Naboo. As a result, the Gungan tribes were united even closer than they were after the War of Gungan Tribes thousands of years before.


Palpatine's rise to power[17]Edit[]

Palpatine was born on Naboo in 82 BBY. While the circumstances remain unclear, he became a Dark Lord of the Sith secretly known as Darth Sidious, originally the apprentice of Darth Plagueis. In 52 BBY, he arranged for the assassination of Vidar Kim, and was elected as his replacement as Chommell Sector's Senator. Palpatine's manipulations eventually led to him overthrowing the Republic itself, drastically altering Naboo culture along the way. After the formation of the New Order, many Naboo secretly opposed Palpatine's oppressive and humanocentric policies.

Amidala's rise to power[18]Edit[]

By King Veruna's reign (47 BBY) Naboo had become a major player in the interstellar plasma energy trade market. Long known as a source of plasma (the energy source powered everything from simple lights to great Gungan underwater cities and capital starships), high grade plasma veins were discovered below the streets of Theed. [18]Naboo's Lake CountryAdded by JMASThe discovery led to King Veruna and (then) Senator Palpatine to build a great plasma mining and refining facility in the heart of the capital discreetly hidden in a neo-classical Naboo facade, as well as the commercial Kwilaan Starport in Keren, c. 38 BBY.

The Intergalactic Banking Clan financed the construction. As the insular Naboo traditionally held an aversion to off world trade they agreed to have the powerful Trade Federation buy the plasma at fixed prices. However, the Federation took advantage of the Naboo's naivety and sold the plasma for greatly marked up prices, selling the Naboo short. Once realizing the inequitable trading treaty, the Naboo protested and wished to be free of the contract.

King Veruna, never wanting the trade agreement with the Federation in the first place, sensed the upcoming military conflict. Veruna expanded the role of the Space Fighter Corps (a division of the RSF) and founded the N-1 starfighter squadron. Theed Hangar was built next to the refining station to house the new military forces. This move was unpopular on Naboo, as these precautions were perceived as provocative posturing. With a parochial populace unhappy with the king's military expansion, populist Senator Palpatine orchestrated for the king to become embroiled with an interstellar diplomatic scandal, and Veruna was forced to abdicate in favor of Padmé Naberrie (who took the formal name Amidala). Later, Veruna was assassinated while in exile. Padmé Naberrie became Queen with the promise to end the conflict without violence

The Blockade of Naboo[19]Edit :[]

Main article: Invasion of Naboo [20]The Blockade of Naboo.Added by JMASOnce in power, Queen Amidala opened negotiations with the Trade Federation. However the Federation was scandalized by Naboo's resistance to its authority, which coincided with a Galactic Republic Senate tax on interstellar trade. Both actions were perceived by Federation leadership as a threat to their commercial interests and power. The Federation answered with a military blockade of Naboo, with the aim of forcing Naboo into subservience and to hopefully intimidate the Senate into repealing the taxation measure. The Federation leadership was secretly advised, and manipulated, by the Sith Lord Darth Sidious.

Jedi Involvement[21]Edit[]

Queen Amidala sent for Galactic Republic mediation to end the conflict and the Republic sent two Jedi Knights as ambassadors. Their mediation was unsuccessful, however, and the Federation prematurely launched their invasion of Naboo. Naboo fell quickly. Though they had a powerful Space Fighter Corps (King Veruna's true legacy), Queen Amidala held off action until all negotiations failed, refusing "any course of action which would lead to war", despite alternate advice from her Governor Sio Bibble. The Naboo government and citizens were captured and imprisoned in detention camps outside the cities. Eventually rescued by the Jedi Knights, Queen Amidala left Naboo to personally plead for aid in the Galactic Senate. Governor Sio Bibble and others were to organize a resistance movement in the mean time.

Reaching for Help[22]Edit[]

[25[23]]The Trade Federation's invasion force marches on the city of Theed.Added by JMASOnce on Coruscant, Queen Amidala addressed the Senate. The Federation had powerful and rich allies, and Senator Palpatine convinced the Queen to demand a Vote of No Confidence in the Senate leadership against Chancellor Finis Valorum. By doing this, she hoped to force a change for a more favorable Chancellorship. The Queen returned to her homeworld to lead the resistance herself. Once home Padmé Amidala sought the aid of the reclusive Gungans, pleading for joint action against a common enemy. The Gungans agreed to an alliance and led an army against the Federation's mechanical forces, primarily as a distraction to lower the Federation's defenses in the capital of Naboo.

Captain Panaka and the RNSF were able to organize the Space Fighter Corps to their fighters, and launch a last effort against the Federation capital ships. Ultimately the Naboo-Gungan Alliance was able to defeat the Federation, when young Anakin Skywalker accidentally flew one of the otherwise unused fighters into the heart of the Federation's Droid Control Ship and destroyed the ship's main power reactors. For her heroic effort the Naboo wished to alter the constitution allowing for Padmé Amidala, and possibly her heirs, to reign for life. However, Padmé Amidala declined the honor, relieved to step down from power.

Aftermath of the Invasion[24]Edit[]

The Federation invasion and occupation drastically changed Naboo, with the Naboo questioning their role within the Galactic Republic. Many Naboo now believed that the Republic was powerless and unable to protect them, as demonstrated by the events of the Federation occupation. These Naboo believed that it was now their own responsibility to provide for their own security, and reasoned that revenue from the plasma trade would allow them to pay for it. Free from the one-sided contracts of the Trade Federation, the Naboo fully received the profits from the plasma trade. Other Naboo continued to support the Galactic Republic, consoled that the new Supreme Chancellor, Palpatine, was a native of Naboo himself. Both factions of the Naboo political establishment favored a stronger Naboo and increased military expenditures. The budget of Royal Naboo Security Force was greatly expanded and given a heavier arsenal of weaponry and armored vehicles, such as the Naboo N-1T Advanced Starfighter and the Heavy Champion.

New Relations with the Gungans[25]Edit[]

Amidala, along with Obi-Wan, R2-D2, and Jar Jar Binks, did participate in the Gungan colonization of Ohma-D'un, a result of badly overcrowded Gungan cities. When her second four-year term as Queen ended, Padmé Amidala abdicated in favor of Queen Jamillia, who asked her to continue serving Naboo as Senator. Padmé "couldn't refuse the Queen", and returned to politics after a brief respite. Jar Jar Binks was also appointed as a specific representative for his species, becoming the first Gungan to be represented off Naboo.

It was during this time period that the coastal city of Sel Jakka was founded on a southern continent following the success of Ohma-D'un. The original mission statement of the city was to find a way for Gungans and humans to live together, share technology, and move forward under the diplomatic agreements. Many young people, both humans and Gungans, flocked to the city, and it prospered.

Clone Wars[26]Edit[]

[27]Theed's hangar during the Clone WarsAdded by JMASThe Galactic Senate was a new forum for Padmé Amidala. Though some on Naboo and in the Galactic Senate wanted a centralized executive, Padmé Amidala voted again and again against the Military Creation Act, becoming a leader of the opposition. The Act would allow the Senate to raise a standing military to serve at the discretion of the Chancellor of the Senate, while also greatly restricting member planet's military forces, such as the RSF, to mere policing authorities. Padmé Amidala may have opposed the act because of the restrictions on home planets. Senator Padmé Amidala, however, was outmaneuvered, and the Senate voted to create a standing military due to the rising threat of the Separatists, using the ability to give the Supreme Chancellor emergency powers to approve the creation of the Grand Army of the Republic, which was already formed. In the meantime, Palpatine, himself a native of Naboo, successfully became the Chancellor of the Republic, and his hard-line stances were generally supported by Naboo, still rebuilding after occupation.

Endless invasions[28]Edit[]

During the Clone Wars, the Confederacy of Independent Systems (including the Trade Federation) launched an unsuccessful campaign for Naboo, buoyed by growing support from Naboo Separatist sympathizers such as Queen Jamilla. Durge and Asajj Ventress teamed-up to unleash a biological weapon on the planet, but only succeeded in wiping out the Gungan colony on Ohma-D'un before they were stopped. The event eroded the support once enjoyed by the CIS from Naboo Separatist sympathizers, leading the CIS to adopt a more aggressive strategy of invasion and conquest of Naboo. In 22 BBY, the CIS established a hidden, underground laboratory in the eastern swamps for Doctor Nuvo Vindi to develop a biological weapon, known as the Blue Shadow Virus, to be dispersed throughout the galaxy in special detonation devices. The laboratory was discovered by Senator Padmé Amidala and Representative Jar Jar Binks who reported its location back to Theed before being captured by the Separatists. Republic forces, led by Generals Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Commander Ahsoka Tano, raided the lab to neutralize the viral threat. In the ensuing skirmish, one of the bombs detonated, releasing the deadly plague throughout the facility and causing the base to go into lock down. Kenobi and Skywalker, who were outside the base when it was hermetically sealed, were able to discover a antidote for the virus and free their comrades from the lab.

This not only eliminated a threat to Naboo, but to the entire galaxy as well. In the interests of preserving ecological stability, alleviating overcrowding in Otoh Gunga, and fostering peace and goodwill, the Naboo and the Gungans launched an ambitious joint venture to colonize Ohma-D'un, one of Naboo's three moons. The grand experiment worked, creating a stable ecology on the moon. Unfortunately, the colony was attacked by the Separatists with a chemical weapon early in the Clone Wars. Many Gungan colonists died exposed to an experimental toxin engineered to wipe out the Republic's clone army. Much later in the war, a small droid army attempted to assassinate Senator Amidala in a Naboo marketplace. The Senator was saved by an artist who was apparently having premonitions of the death of Padmé and the twins she carried in her womb. [29]An ominous Imperial presence in Theed.

Added by JMASAt the end of the Clone Wars, Senator Amidala died shortly after the birth of her twins. It is suggested that her death was due to a broken heart, after learning her husband, Anakin Skywalker, turned to the dark side and became the dreaded Sith Lord, Darth Vader. The senator's formal funeral was held in the capital of Theed, presided over by Ryoo Thule, Naberrie's maternal grandmother.

Imperial period[30]Edit[]

In the following years, Naboo generally supported the positions of Emperor Palpatine, including the establishment of the Galactic Empire, although doing so in a way that attempted to remind the population of the peace it had enjoyed during the days of the Republic. Many Naboo served in the Imperial Services, and Captain Panaka became an aide to the Emperor, later ascending to the rank of Moff of the Chommell Sector.

Assassination of Queen Apailana[31]Edit[]

[32]The assassination of Queen Apailana.Added by Bly1993During the early years of the Imperial era, Queen Apailana remained loyal to the Empire on the surface but secretly harbored doubts about the new regime. Throughout her reign, government buildings and organizations on Naboo continued to refer to the Republic, not the newly formed Empire. She secretly hid a group of Jedi who had survived Order 66, which would be her undoing, for she was caught in 18 BBY.

During the isolated conflict that would later be known as the Fall of Naboo, Apailana and the Jedi survivors she harbored were killed by the 501st Legion. She was replaced by Queen Kylantha, whom the Empire thought it could control as a puppet ruler. The planet also gained entire legions of troops, which found themselves in guerrilla-styled skirmishes with the local Gungan populations. The oppression of the Gungans led them to conduct raids and covert missions from the relative safety of the swamps and forests.[5]

Exodus Vairence(as Roleplayed in Star Wars Exodus And SWG RP Boards)[]

Theed waterfall view

Kylantha The Bloody Queen of Naboo[]

And a puppet Queen they recieved. Kylantha was beyond loyal to Emporer to the point of madness, with the aid of a new Moff (after the retirment of Moff Panka in 18 BBY Yancey Atris was appointed new Moff of Naboo) His first act of office was to disband NRSFand kill the then Captian Ryes in fear of another RSF support coup agiasnt the Emporer. He did however leave the handmaiden corps to be the Queens peronal body guards. A decsion that would com back to haunt them in later years. RSF was asorbed into the Imperial miltary in 17BBY and would not return until 15ABY under the command of Lukas Pirato. Kylantha began a quiet war to purge Naboo of all the Emporers enemies and non-humans. This lead to the a secrect war that would over time ignite a full blown Rebellion and over throw of the Queen who threw out elections of the monarch and the Empire 11 ABY. And her weapon of choice was the dreaded Gile Weed posion of Naboo, her goal total mass destrction of all that stood in their way

Secret War: Project Hades Massecure[]

Frist Strike-Bephour[]

The Queen and new Moff quietly planned, developing the Gile Weed posion in mass for their use. And in 17 BBY they began on Behpour letting the posion out in the Gungan food supply. Project Hades initial attack took six months to complete. Rather than using the fast acting version and causing attention to the situation it was a slow acting version that took down one half the population of Behpour which was greatly lesser than it was at the being of the clone wars. Happy with the first campagin going off without a hitch the Queen and Moff. Incdient though not widely reported was written off as a disease in the Gungan populations (this was due to the almost silent nature and undectablity in Gile Weed).

Second Strike-Ohma Dun[]

The Second Campagin of Project Hades moved a bit slower due to a change in food suppliers from a Gugnan group to Rythil Mirre's farms. Suspecting Mire' of being a rebel sympathizer after he refused the Empire to pre-"inspect" the shipment and threatening to kill an imperial officer, The Queen and Moff had to find another way to carry out their plan. But finally with help of a disgruntled employee of Mirre's they were able to infuse the gile weed into a limited number of Ohma Dun's population through food target to gungan children. In 14 BBY 60 percent of the planets children died mysteriously.

However this began to raise flags with doctors and Moff forced and angry Kylantha to push back stage three to quail growing questions about the large number of gugan deaths in the colonies. They decdied to turn their focus into the rebllious human population of Naboo.

14BBY-0BBY Human Misery[]

Starting in 14BBY the mad Queen who's aids did all they could to hide the Queen furvor even from then Seantor Kreia Paxon, began to turn her quiet rage on Naboo's human population. Frist infrequent accidents of family memebers of differnt enemies began to happen. The death of a cousin of Padme Amidala's (who was in open support of the rebellion) in a ship explosion caused even more questions as many people began to open their eyes to what was going on all over the galaxy

. In 5 BBY the fomrer head of Theed University Medical Shcool and a Naboo noblemen Hirham Nerberrie went to work as the Queen persoal physican. There somewhere around 0 BBY he would learn the horrbile truth about what was happening to the enemies of the state. Also during this time Kriea Paxton husband was murdered by Darth Vader and she began to work from the Rebellion secertly. Thus leaving her two daughters one of which Alyesa Praxon with extended family

Thrid Stike-Rori[]

With the questions about the first two operation in the past, Atris and the Queen began to hit not only the food supply of the Gungans but the human population of Rori which rally caused a a stir amoung many. Though people were questioning there was no proof of foul play or so the Queen thought. But it was during this time Hirham with the help of Rythil Mirre' found evidence linking the Queen and Atris to the murder of innocnet gungans after overhearing her and the Moff discussing the events after visting Queen who was suffering a bout of Nubian flu. He then with help of Mirre' who was postmaster of Killwan Spaceport in Keren hacked the Queen persoanl files and found what she and Atris had done, and were planning a fourth strike. They rushed to warn the rebles and the Gungans

Fourth Strke-Ottah Gunga a Secert War No More[]

As Hirham Nerberrie reached to the swamps of Outah Gungan to stop the Imperials from psoioning his gungan freinds, he was caught by Atris right hand Captian Nox. With his treason out in the open and Mirre' on his way to the rebels in Moniea the Queen and Atris decided to make an example about not only the Gugnans but the rebels. They found what rebels they could along with Nerberrie were vicousouly murdered and their bodies displayed in an act of saveragey never before seen on Naboo. With this act started the planet on the road to rebellion, and set Hirham's daughter Allyah on a dangerous course with the mad Queen.


It Began in Deeja []

With the Mad Queen attacks become more and more visable it was when she went after Pooja Neberrie in a failed attack on her life that the rebels got their first wind. But by 10 years after the battle of Yavin the Theed Underground had reformed with Rythil Mire', Dr Allyah Neberrie, and Jasmine Carde' captian of the Queens handmaidens seeing the utter destruction of Atis and the Queen began to work with various Rebel groups in an attempt to save their people from madness. But they knew the death of Emporer Palpatine in 10 ABY would be enough to unhinge Imperial rule and the Queen mind. And thanks to the work of Kreia Praxon it all came to a head in 12 ABY.

Operation: WildFire[]

After two years of gurellia style attacks on Imperial interst and plan the group of rebels knowing they could not with stand a protracted war with the Empire the leaders of the differnt Rebel groups and the main alliance group decided to draw the Imperial Forces and break them down with mulitple simulatenous fronts. They knew it was a dangerous plan but in 12 ABY they attacked all the cites at once. Using Allyah who had been an outspoken oppent of the Empire and the Queen from early on as bait Jasmine Carde' who to the Queen was her loyalist of handmaiden captured the rebel Allyah in Theed and brought the girl to the Queen. As Kylthana tried to decide how to kill the young doctor who had been a uniting force agaisnt her and the Empire for so long, Jasmine allowed Mire' and his froces in through the back passages over taking the Moffs gaurds. With the help of most of the Hanmadiens over took the Imperial forces in the throne room, as just as she was about posion Allyah like she did her father Jaismine and rebels showed up.

Upon seeing her handmaidens betarayal she moved on Jasmine with her SR5 and darts full of leathal gile posion.The Captian and the Queen struggled for the gun it was knocked out of their reach when the Queen head butted Jasmine. Allyah picked up the gun and hit the Queen over the head, leading Rythil and the rebels to arrest her. She was sent to Naboo's penal colony. And the Naboo asked to join the New Repbulic with Jasmine elected as their Queen and Allyah elected as their first senator since Pooja Neberrie.

New Republic Years/ Road to Independence 11 ABY-early 13ABY[]

These years for Naboo were filled with uncertainty. While Allyah, who won as seantor in a landslide election, served in the senate Jasmine Carde' became Queen Avondale. While being admitted to the New Republic they did all they could to rebuild their war ravaged world. And it was not easy. The first thing that had to be done was RSF has to be reformed and a new head was found in Lukas Pirto who instituted many new security practices but also kept Panka's decoy system.

With the planet still hotly divided and many Imperial loyalist showing up out of the wood work. The Queen and Allyah who had been named Chief of the New Republic Senate did all they could to fight the growing unhappiness with the New Republic. After a series of tragic events lead Queen question the New Republic. Starting in Mid 11 ABY with the death of Prime Minster Tilden who was beheaded on GNN by the Galactic Empire. It was late 11 ABY early 12 ABY that Alysea Praxaon joined the Apprentice Legislature on Naboo.

A New Prime Minster[]

In early 12 ABY the then Governor and several handmaidens were killed when a bomb exploded near the entrance to the palace along the royal way. It was later determined that Queen Kythlana and Moff Atris who escaped the Third Moon of Storm's Prison Colony was responsible. With the planet on a boiling point and many calling for Naboo to leave the new Republic a new Prime Mister rose in the new Republic one who would seal Naboo's fate with the New Republic.

In Mid 12 ABY Senator Jeff Pudmoore from Courlag rose to the spot of Prime Minister of the New Republic. A mad and blood thirsty man with little care anything but his own power, Pudmoore pushed through an extreme war powers act that gave him powers greater those greater than Palpatine during the clone wars, Pudmoore began to threaten systems within his own government over any questioning of his authority,it was when he threatened to have Naboo's access to J-type engines cut off that the Queen had enough and recalled Allayh so that she could discuss things herself with the new Prime Minster.

During this time Allyah was asked as Senator from Naboo and Chief Senator (it would be her final act in the position) was to represent the New Republic at Emperor Ersan Crofts coronation on Loris. Accompanying her was her senate guard and her cousin the Jedi Tabetha Sunstar and her two children Callista and Judrin. It was during this event that Emperor Damascus of the Galactic Empire must have noticed Sunstar and her children. For when Allyah return home and the Queen still in negotiations with Pudmoore sent Allyah and Annora Mire to Lianna with Royal Diplomatic Medical Corps to help Lianna's call (which Pudmoore even refused to send aid for) to aid the war torn people.

Final Straw[]

It was at the moment the straw broke. After three weeks Tabetha and her children under the protection of two new republic guards were abducted from the Lake Country home of Allyah and taken to Emperor Damascus. Queen Avondale blaming Pudmoore's hesitance to give more aid to Allyah and her family who were being targets by anyone who hated the New Republic the Queen put it up to a planetary vote. In a 60% majority after the events of 12 ABY in 13 ABY Naboo ceded from the tyrant Pudmore(who was ousted by New Republic military in Late 13 ABY) and the New Republic to the dismay of Alyesa and her family.

Loris13-ABY-16 ABY[]

Not but a month later under the guise of wanting to buy his father (Emporer's Retreat which

The Emporers Retreat on Naboo Source

the Queen and Allyah both wanted to burn). Loris soon pointed out that Naboo could not fully protect itsefl form the growing threat of Emporer Damascus and the Galatic Empire the offer the Queen a deal. Become a protetorate of Loris. The Queen ordered Allyah to open negotiations with Loris as a Protetorate on Lianna. It was during this time with Allyah's works to help the people of Lianna she met and fell in love with Raith Senair CEO of Seniar Fleet Systems.

With Raiths help Allyah negotiated a deal that allowed Naboo more freedome that it ever had while under Loris quiet protection. The deal was sealed by giving him his fathers home The Emporers Retreat. During this time Allyah newly engaged to Raith discovered she was carring their daughter Rachel which Raith's mother kept quiet and to seal the deal the Queen and Emporer decided on a Royal Wedding.

Deal with Sienar[]

It was during this time of indepnece that the crown decided Theed Engineering Corp need to upgrade its line. While visitng Naboo with Allyah for wedding preparations Riath toured the facility and as a show of love for Naboo he propsoed a deal to help Naboo Upgrade its line. A deal that is still contiued today. Sienar and TEC stated with a total upgrade on the N-1 Starfighters and went on to making new superior fighters.

Wedding Disaster13 ABY []

The wedding was set for summer in the Lake Country at the home. I was decided by and agreed to by Senator Amidala relavtives and the Queen it would be a proper place since it was a state occasion and access could be contorled better. With Queen Kythalyana on the loose with Moff Atirs and Raith Sienar I looking to kill everyone there especaly the bride and Naboo attendence prepartations were made with top security. Delegates from every major goverment including Loris, the New Republic (who Naboo was starting to heal realtions with) and a representative from the Empire (new freed from the Tyranny of Damascus) one of which was Delth Ardin who with Nichlas Dreadstar had freed Allyah cousin's children(Callista and Judrin Sunstar) form an Inperial Darkside Acdemy. Though the only information that could get found on Tabetha was that she was placed carbonite and set somewhere unknown, this went along way to to heal Naboo's realtions with the Empire but the New Republic as well. It was then that Raith annoucned he and Allyah would take the two in.

Rythil Mire' her fathers best freind and then Representaive of Allyah father walked her down the asile while her friends Jass Nass, Jasmine Carde' and the Sunstar children watched. The cerimoney was presided over by a Naboo holoman. While an old freind of Allyahs from the senate Jacen Zarovich the former senator from Annexes who recently moved to Naboo due to loss of his family and his home, and who would become like a grandfather to Allyah and Raiths unborn daughter Rachel.

After the birde and groom said their vows that Kythlyana and her group struck hitting the wedding and kidnapping Allyah takeing her toTheed palace. There while Raith, Queen Avondale and many other attendent raced to stop the new threat from the Imperial Loyalist of Kythyana, the Mad Queen dosed Allyah with she though was a leathal dose of Gile Posion. By the time Queen Raith, and SFS arrived with their allies Allyah was near death. Raith went after the Queen and Moff direcetly defeating Atris who used Allyah condition to flee the buidling to Raith's father waiting in an old Imperial base in the swamps of Naboo.

This time it was Jasmine Carde' Queen Avondale to the rescue. As the group busted into the throne room to fight Atris and the Mad Queen, they found Allyah tied to the throne, Jasmine came in from behind a new passage and as they fight ensuded she shot the mad Queen with a life altering does of Gile Weed. With Atris gone and the Mad Queen in custody Queen Avondale went to work quelling the rebellion what had not yet began to to take hold anywhere but just in Theed and Hart Secure.

With help of a doctor who just happened to come with the group and the fact that Queen Avondale and the naboo remembering as always their past had kept the anidote to the posion in a secert location in the throne room. Though it save her life it would be a week before Allayh would regain coniousness and she and her daugther fover affected by the toxins effects would forever need constant treaments.

During this time Raith tracked his father and Atrais to the Swamps where they where neither were ever heard from again. With premission from Loris, Naboo turned over the Mad Queen to the New Republic who sent her to life in Kessel.

New Republic 16ABY-Current[]

For three years Naboo lead a realitive peaceful life until Loris sent out word soemthing to do with Death Star III had tunred now into a planet wide disater. Though the crown was angry at any idea of Loris' involvment in such a matter they were also fearful becasue the disaster caused them to be unable to protect Naboo and with durms of war beating in the galaxy with the Xen'Chi conflict Queen Avondale began to look for a new route.

Return to the Republic []

In late 15 ABY the New Republic sent Naboo native Alyesia Praxon to see Naboo feeling on returning to the Republic. At first remembering the bitter taste of Pudemoore she hesitated but with help of Raith Sienair working her on one end and Praxon on the other Queen Avondale relented and allowed Naboo to go back into the new Republic. With the Queens, Allyah's, Raith's and the councils support Pration went as Seantor to the eleation of Allyah who never wanted to return to poltics agian.

The Queen knowing the Xenchi threat was near allowed Praxon to negotiate wtih a new other corporations inlimted regaurd to update the new republic fleet. However it was understood that at the end of the war they may keep what they have as far as ships but any gungan technologies reutrned to the crown and any new lines at the Queen's premission. And the added rule that no one could use the royal color and matierals of gold blue and chrome. The Queen also allowed Praxons Planetary Defense Fund to come into being feeling the galaxy needed good will. With all that squared away Naboo returned to the new Republic in 16 ABY to the elation of Allyah.

Fallen Queen[]

During this time Jasmine on a visit to Allyah and Raith place at in the lake country Jasmine met a young man at the beach. After bonding over swoop bikes she began a romance with man named Jacen. It was a week before she discovered that man she was falling for was an Imperial captian who was there to make a deal with Raith and over see Sieanr's reasech on the new TIE engins. At frist enrage she refused to see the man who had no idea he was hitting on the Queen of Naboo. After a chance meeting with the "handmaiden" agian Jacen convenced Jasmine he was a good guy and they secertly( even though she was negotionating to return Naboo to the New Republic) a scerct romance.

In early 17ABY Queen Avondale discovered she was pregnate by the Captain. At first she did all she could hide it but after fight with palace contorller Galden Renthro he discovered the Queens condition. He then proccded to use his consdierable power and knowledge of Naboo law and an ancient rule of Morality to get the Queen removed from office. With her poll numbers plumbemeting from not allowing a vote on Naboo's return to the New Republic and her unmarried pragnacy calls for her abdiaction began(though Raith managed to keep anyone including the seantor and the NR from discovering who the father was, A secert only four know). In 17ABY Queen Avondale abducated the throne after a new elcetions brought her firend Allyah to the throne in a landslide. Now the wife of Sienar would take the name of Aovonleyh.

Current-Shadows Rising(comming soon)[]


With the fall of Queen Avondale a new monarch was needed. Fearing what would become of Naboo still in a fragile state of being put back into the Republic to the dismay of some, Governor Rythil Mire' quietly had Allyah Nerberrie-Sienar placed on the ballot without her knowledge. He then worked to keep what he had done secret until he could convince Raith to get Allyah to run for Queen who was dead set agiasnt it. After much convincing by both men she agreed to run, and she and Raith were shocked to learn not only had the Governor set her up already he had even set out others to work across the system on her behalf.

At first Allyah though of withdrawing her name feeling pushed by the Governor who had always seem to manipulate her into political situations. But then she saw her people's division and fearing another she agreed to run for Queen.Campaigning on sticking the fact she was Loyal to Naboo and its people, all of them, and wanting it to heal resounded with the people. The Naboo remembering how she struggled with them through past troubles and the death of her father seemed to push her through. Even with her marriage to Raith she was to many was still theirs. Facing criminal elements, Imperial loyalist and few others Allyah won the election with an overwhelming majority.

Once elected she was no longer Allyah. Due Naboo tradition for monarchs and her own safety she took a state name, Avonleyh. And now with Raith and the RSF having her image deleted everywhere, she was now no longer one person but instead Allyah wife and mother and Aovndleyh Queen of Naboo who took the throne in late 17 ABY.

Tension with Sienar and the Senator[]

In Mid 18 ABY after an approved appearence before the Queen and Avisory Council and Naboo's New Senator, a disbupte between Raith and Alyeisa over Sienars envovlment in Theed Engeneering lead to threats of imprisoment of Raith for the building of the Death Star III and the Queen questioning her personal support of the Seantor. Vowing to do what she could for the New Republic, which she had loved so well, she would keep her personal opions of the Seantor and her actions to herself. And keep an eye on the situation .

Attack on Lianna[]

A day alter Raith was recalled to Lianna after a security issue. Sienar headquaters came tumbling down, with that Raith was removed has head of SFS and put in charge of Sieanr Republic so that he after Lianna going back into the Empire Raith could return home to his wife and help build new raltions with the New Republic. .

Nebulon Medical Corp[]

Upon Raiths return home it was announced he would start a New Sieanr republic division to work with the New Republic only and privatly that he and Queen would be expecting twins. This news was welcome

Sienar Republic[]

Cult of Palpatine[]

The Master and the Shadow/Operation Phionex[]

Traitor of the Palace Revenge for Apanlaina[]

Betayed House[]



Tradgey and Revenge[]

Line of Rulers[]

  • Queen Avondale 12 ABY-16 ABY

Line Of Seantors[]

Shadows Rising[]

Noteable Exodus Naboo Characters[]

Allyah Nerberrie-Sienar Avonleyh

Alyesa Praxon

Rythil Mire

Annora Mire'

Zane Mire'

Jake Marz

Raith Sienar

Galen Renthro

Jacen Zarovich

Crystal Roshia

Legolas Greenleaf

Jasmine Carde-Avondale

Tabetha Sunstar


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