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Born to be JediEdit

Nomi Falner was noticed at an early age as Force sensitive. She has spent most of her life at the Jedi Temple on various worlds. From Coruscant to City of the Jedi, Ossus Temple and finally to Onderon Temple. Nomi was considered a star pupil as she grew, her one track mind of focusing on the tasks helped her grow quickly in the Force. This one track mind also led to her having very few friends. She has always been very introverted as a person struggling to find those she could relate to and become friends with.

To combat her very loner mentality the Jedi Council took a very big risk. Nomi was apprenticed to Jedi Knight Freedom Nadd. Brash, outspoken and very much considered to be a rogue Jedi the Council had to think long and hard about who she would train with. There were several options available though none would have forced her to open herself up like becoming Freedom's apprentice would have.

Nomi would be assigned to Freedom shortly before the Xen'Chi War would begin. While her time with Freedom was a relatively short two years she would learn much. Nomi would become a stellar pilot in Roquor Squadron and was even an initial member of Team Shadow Saber. Shortly before Team Shadow Saber was set to deploy however a recall of all Padawans and Apprentices was issued by the Jedi Council. Not wanting to leave her master but knowing that if she did not obey the Council punishment would be quick and severe she heeded the call.

Returning to Onderon Nomi was a much more extrovert person, being able to enjoy herself and find friends among the Jedi around her. Having combat experience and stories to tell made her a favorite person to find at any time in the temple simply to have her share a story. While many of the older Jedi viewed Freedom as a distraction, a waste of talent and a lost cause there is the beginnings of a movement of younger Jedi beginning to show support for him, simply because of Nomi and the stories of the war.

Regardless of how many friends she has made and all the stories she tells Nomi has yet to see her master since she was ordered back to Onderon. While she understands Freedom has to answer the call of the Order and his own personal mission she still awaits his call for her to return. Several attempts have been made to send Nomi out with another Jedi Master, she has refused each time. Freedom consistently sends back training lessons, encouragement and other things to help Nomi with her training. With her master doing this Nomi continues to be patient and await for Freedom to be ready for her return at his side.

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