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Octavius Rol
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Date of Birth

26 BBY

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Personal Information
  • 3x Lightsabers
  • Blaster Pistol
  • 6" Dagger
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Former Masters


Lightsaber Information
Lightsaber Colors
  • 2x Yellow
  • Blue
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Other Titles

Council's Chairmen

Former Affiliation

Old Jedi Order

Current Affiliation

Brotherhood of the Force

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"Both of you, Quiet!...It is risky to ally with the Jedi, they could see us as a threat."
"But we are.
— Octavius Rol said during the Brotherhood of the Force Council meeting before the Elder Council agreed to ally with the Jedi Order, and Don Cuhrka added.

Octavius Rol is the Chairmen of the Elder Council for the Brotherhood, he is a key figure in the grey Force order. Rol is a formidable Lightsaber duelist and Force-user and was the one to create the Warrior sect within the Brotherhood. He is a man driven with determination and asks nothing but the best from his peers. He is known to be very strict in everything he does and his very particular on projects he does within the Brotherhood. Rol is known to be a womanizer and has lost favor from some of his female council members, but has gained from others.

Rol is one of the people in the Brotherhood that are most likely to become the next leader of the Brotherhood. His supporters mostly come from the Warrior and Hopolyte sect with few coming from the Sage sect.

Rol is known to carry three lightsabers on his person with one of the three being from his late Jedi mentor from the Old Jedi Order. He is also known to carry a blaster pistol on his side and a tucked away dagger under his Acolyte combat armor.


Octavius Rol

Octavius Rol in his Acolyte armor

Rol doesn't really believe the New Jedi Order should be called that particular title. He strongly believes that the true Jedi had died and that all organizations after are just copies from the Old Order, even the Brotherhood.

Rol believes the only way to gain peace is through action. He was the one to persuade Ogmis Cantrel to activate one third of the Hopolytes and to draw back most of the Sleeper Agents and Sentinel. He believes the only way to win is by taking the initiative and to strike when the timing is good.

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