I curse the day I ever drafted that proposal.Reng Kasr to Nashka

Skarrek, a test subject of the Omega Project.

The Omega Project was a highly secret Imperial program enacted during the early days of the Galactic Empire with the aim to discover the weaknesses of every non-human species in the Empire in order to better subjugate them. In addition, it had a secondary purpose to try and find optimal ways to make the more pacifist or weak species into living weapons for the Empire.

The initial idea was taken from a proposal by Reng Kasr early in his career that suggested the potential of studying useful non-Human abilities and ways to go about it. This proposal was then perverted by Ishin-Il-Raz and Janus Greejatus into the Omega Project. Once Kasr discovered how his idea had been twisted, he worked to bury any association his name had with the project, but wouldn’t find out that the project had secretly been realized with the Emperor’s blessing until many years down the line.

The Omega Project was largely a secret and internal Imperial effort, but it made frequent use of outside slavers to acquire new species to experiment on, including those supplied by Dorval the Hutt. Skarrek was taken by the Omega Project through this method and Nashka would also join the Omega Project, willingly, though Dorval.

Nashka and Skarrek eventually became the cause of the Omega Project’s destruction, bringing it down from within through a revolt. The two destroyed every trace of it they could find, even going so far as to hunt down the few experiments that had escaped as well as any Imperial that had played a major part in creating it.

The death of Colonel Xamas on Coruscant by Nashka’s hand marked the final end of Imperial interest in the Omega Project. Currently Nashka and Skarrek are the only two people known to be alive that have any direct connection to one of the Empire’s most horrifying projects.

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