Star Wars: Exodus Visual Encyclopedia
Queen Industries
Founder Oliver Queen
CEO Conner Queen
Chairman of the Board Jeremiah Revan
Corporate Headquarters Queen Center, Star City


Pre-Connor Queen Era[]

Queen Industries is a business organization owned and run by businessman Oliver Queen, aka the Green Arrow. Oliver reluctantly inherited the company after his parents, Robert and Moira Queen, were killed on safari. It was founded by Robert Queen, Oliver's father.

Although the story seems to be similar to Bruce Wayne's inheritance of Wayne Enterprises after his parents' death, there are several fundamental differences. Whereas Wayne's parents were killed by a criminal, driving Batman to seek justice and revenge, Queen's parents were killed by lions on safari in Africa, and the Green Arrow initially does his vigilantism for the sheer fun of it. Wayne allowed his parents' murder to define his life, and managed every detail of his inheritance carefully in accordance. Queen however, used his inheritance to live lavishly, taking his mind off his troubles by reveling in luxury and women. As a result, while Wayne Enterprises expanded into one of the largest companies in the world, Queen Industries struggled with financial and administrative problems. Eventually, Queen lost his whole fortune and sold the company.

In the early years of Oliver's ownership, Queen Industries made much of it's profits from the sale of weapons and munitions. In "Peacemakers", Oliver discovers some of the disastrous impacts that the weapons he is making his money from are having in other countries. As a result, Oliver decides to sell off what is left of the company, giving all of the proceeds to a war relief effort.

For many years following, Queen Industries was without it's namesake ebullient owner, as Green Arrow traversed the countryside, to discover the true America. During this period, he formed strongly liberal values (in stark contrast to his frequent conservative traveling partner, Green Lantern) which he was never shy about espousing, and which defined and motivated his later career. The strength of his convictions indeed became one of his most indelible characteristics, and was a primary influence in the new treatment of social issues as a valid theme for mainstream superhero comics.

Connor Queen Era[]

Picking up the pieces after his stranding Conner Queen was faced with an incredible challenge.