Star Wars: Exodus Visual Encyclopedia
Ragnar Starflight
Biographical Information


Date of Birth

36 BBY

Date of Death

15 ABY

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Hair Color

Dark brown, streaked with grey

Eye Color


Force Sensitive


Personal Information

Mashaka Vargo




Purgatory's Escape

Political Information
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Current Affiliation

Purgatory's Escape

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"Now I want you out there, and I want you on the ready, and I don't want to see any of you goin' crazy on me, or so help me, I'll make your ears into a new coat that I'll proudly wear on the bridge of my freed ship! Hear me?!"
— Ragnar Starflight, talking to a hand-picked security detail

Ragnar Starflight was born on Corulag in 36 BBY. He hated the rich Core World, with all of the propriety and obedience to the government; in his youth, he stowed away on a vessel, taking him to the Outer Rim. There, he quickly became versed in survival and smuggling, and - over time - became considered among the best smugglers in the Galaxy - a notion he humbly denied.

During his early days as a smuggler, Ragnar worked for a humanoid named Mashaka Vargo. Vargo was vicious and cruel, and he ran his smuggling operation like a slave trade. Ragnar eventually got tired of the somewhat older man's shenanigans and stole Vargo's prized possession - a brand new CR90 Corvette, the Purgatory's Escape. Ragnar crewed it, modified it, and smuggled with it for almost a decade before Vargo caught up with him again.

In that battle, Vargo almost won out - he even faced Ragnar down in a gun battle, but both men escaped with just a few scratches, thanks to the intervention of their crews. Each hated the other with a passion, and neither ever wanted to let that drop.

Two years later, Ragnar met Vargo in battle once again as he was traveling from the Corporate Sector to Hutt Space with a new shipment. Vargo's base, a rogue planetoid, pulled the Escape from Hyperspace and Vargo's small fleet set in upon the modified CR90 Corvette. The snubfighters damaged the Escape's engines and when the Escape made it into Hyperspace again, but only for a few moments; it was pulled back to realspace by the Solace Station.

Ragnar and his crew investigated to find Eric Noble and the Solace Colony aboard; after Gideon Corey returned from deep in the station, Ragnar and a security detail accompanied Corey and Noble to the depths of the station in an attempt to free his ship (which had been stranded there by sabotage). Ragnar took with him the explosives necessary to accomplish the task.

When Corey was attacked by spirits, only Ragnar's security officer Jex Sirri suggested they stay behind to help; Ragnar himself, along with his surviving detail, continued deeper into the station. Ragnar led the detail off onto an arbitrary level; there, driven insane by the Rakatan spirits invading his mind, he murdered two of his personnel in cold blood, including Anna Creschia, before turning his blaster on himself. He died cold, alone, and mad in a place he never wanted to be, with many dreams left unfulfilled. The year was 15 ABY.