Star Wars: Exodus Visual Encyclopedia
Rai Republic
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Type of Government


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Historical Information
Formed From

Uul'ba-Rai Empire

Date of Establishment

7,000 BBY

Date of Reorganization

14 ABY

Policy Information

Jade Worlds

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The Uul'ba-Rai are a race of sentient geovores that inhabited an area in the Unknown Regions. In about 7000 BBY, a fanatical theocracy began to rule through its priest caste, who took slaves and conquered at will. In about 12 ABY, a similar group came to power, and in 13 ABY, they attacked several Unknown Regions governments. The Black Star Confederacy, the Jade Worlds, the Isen Star Empire and the United Systems Alliance, now the Republic of United Systems, were among them. Though rebuffed by Isen and the BSC, they wreaked havoc on the JW and RUS before RUS Operation Firestorm crippled their navy and their superweapon.

In 14 ABY, the dictatorship was overthrown by revolutionaries working in concert with slaves from the Jade Worlds and other places.

The new government pled for peace in 15 ABY and released all the slaves formerly kept by the priests, among them many Jadeworlders and Raka Kiri. At Halla Kaijus' order, the Shau'ghunate Guard helped to remove a pirate group from Rai space.


Although most of the Republic's technology is one to two thousand years behind the rest of the galaxy's, the Rai possess one advantage. Their energy field technology is excellent.