Rand Corporation
Founder Wendell Rand
CEO Harold McKee
Chairman of the Board Vacant
Known Employees
Corporate Headquarters New York City


Rand Corporation is a multi billion dollar corporation that was founded many years ago. The corporation works in a number of different fields, but specializes in technology, genetics, and application of genetic research, particularly in the fields of medical and pharmaceutical research. It holds many patents and has an incredibly large budget for constant research and development of new medicines and new equipment for genetics. During the Chrell Invasion, Rand Corporation was directed by it's owner, Daniel Rand, the Iron Fist, to work on a virus of sorts that could be used to combat the Chrell. These were to be employed as a last resort, as they weren't sure about the ethics of creating a tailor made virus just for one species that would undoubtedly cause a genocide. Even with the Chrell having caused the damage that they had caused.

After the Chrell Invasion, there was a huge amount of rebuilding that needed to happen, especially in Rand Corporation's hometown of New York City. Rand was one of the leaders of this movement to rebuild, suspending various high up jobs' pay or drastically reducing it, in order to cut costs. They made their work more efficient and streamlined, and contributed to a number of outreach programs, especially in Danny Rand's friends' areas, such as Luke Cage's Harlem, and Matthew Murdock's Hell's Kitchen. However, the company was without it's leader, Daniel Rand, who had seemingly died during the war.

The company was taken over by a trust who held control over the clear majority that Daniel had when it came to the company. Harold McKee was later appointed CEO of the company and has kept the company moving forward into the future.



  • Harold McKee, CEO

Other EmployeesEdit

  • Nicole Hunter, Researcher, Genetics
  • Conner Mikkelson, Special Projects
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