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Ryo Kasyk
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19 BBY

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Black, Graying around the temple

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Lightsaber, Neutronium Claws


Dark Blade

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Jedi Knight

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Loris Empire

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Jedi Order

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Ryo Kasyk




Ryo Kasyk began his life on Esseles, born of the Jedi Master Tal Kasyk and an unknown human female. Ryo started on his own by pledging his service's to a powerful Force-user, Esran Croft. It was during this time that Ryo was seduced by the Dark Side and through Sith alchemy and experimentation, neutronium was grafted to his entire skeletal system, along with neutronium claws. Eventually, Ryo broke free of Esran's control and fled to Daltera, and began teaching students in the ways of the Force, as well as making a personal journey back to the Light Side. He now roams the galaxy without a perceived purpose.


Early Life[]

Tal Kasyk was a Jedi Master during the Clone Wars era, who married an Esseles woman, with who he later had a child, Ryo. Tal survived the Clone Wars, aided by an ARC Trooper, Sixer (later known as Draeg) and another Jedi Knight, Yoshi Raph-Elan. Tal managed to evade the Emperor's sweeps, and began to raise his son aboard a freighter shipping droid parts, Tal's new profession. It was during one of these trips that Tal was murdered before Ryo's eyes. As Tal's dying wish, Ryo went to Bespin to begin to learn of the Force through a more traditional training regimen.

The Dark Times[]

After the death of Ryo's master, he fled Bespin and traveled the galaxy, eventually pledging his service's as bodyguard to the ruler of the Loris Empire, Esran Croft. It was during this service that Ryo was seduced by the Dark Side of the Force and turned into Esran's apprentice. Ryo studied underneath both his Master, and the Prophet, the leader of the Cadre. All hopes of Ryo turning from this life vanished when he was experimented upon using Sith magics and other unknown techniques.

Neutronium, a metal believed to be indestructible and able to withstand contact with a lightsaber blade, was surgically grafted to his entire skeletal system. In addition, three neutronium claws were inserted into each of his wrists, being able to extend between his knuckles in times of use, or retracted in his wrists. It was during this time that Ryo eventually broke free of the will of Esran Croft and escaped his influence.


Ryo fled to Daltera, and began to study and teach about the Force to the various students there. He spent a great deal of time in quiet contemplation of his past actions, as well as what the Force had planned for him. He eventually went into self-imposed exile while on the Forest Moon, and acquired a great deal of survival skills after living in the wilds for several months.


With the invasion of the Xen'Chi, Ryo has largely remained distanced from the galaxy at large, embarking on a two year journey throughout the galaxy in search of knowledge, as well as training in different styles of combat.