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Saias Kargon
Biographical Information


Physical Description

Unknown, Humanoid




1.8 meters

Hair Color


Eye Color


Personal Information
  • Long single-bladed lightsaber
  • Light ring
Darksider Information

Dark Jedi Master

Former Students


Lightsaber Information
Lightsaber Types
  • Standard
  • Light ring
Lightsaber Colors
  • Green
  • Red light ring
Mastered Lightsaber Styles


Proficient Lightsaber Styles
Political Information
Former Affiliation
Current Affiliation
Exodus Information




Saias Kargon is a fallen Jedi of unknown origins. Once a true warrior of the light, he had strayed from the Jedi ways and become a mercenary, often bouncing between the lines of Light and Dark, until one mission caused him to give in to his hatred and darkness, and accept his fate. To the Jedi, he is considered a renegade. Darth Nemesis found the Dark Jedi after Xahruk was recruited to the Sith Brotherhood, closer to the Rim. Saias was running a bounty for a local crime lord, and shortly after completion had he stumbled across the Sith Warrior and his Dark Jedi apprentice. The fight was short, and Saias had failed. But the failure would not be his death - how could he expect to go against a well trained Sith?

Instead, Saias was recruited into the cause of the Sith Brotherhood. With his second apprentice found, Nemesis reported his success to his master, Darth Invisus. Along with Xahruk and Nemesis, Saias was sent to the Cylon Imperium to forge an alliance, a task which showed marginal success. He was later tasked with training the new Morgukai Shadow Army on Tarix, in Darth Sadis's fortress. With that task accomplished, Saias was ordered to return with Xahruk to Cylon space, to oversee their expansion efforts and notify him the moment the Imperium was ripe for the picking.

Saias was overly obedient, and being a survivor of the Sith Revolution, he informed the Shadow Imperium of the time to attack without being aware of his master's death. Instead of Invisus leading the attack, Saias was surprised to see Darth Trayus in his stead. Trayus defeated the Cylon Imperium, and along with several key figures of the Imperium, Saias and Xahruk both swore their loyalty to their new master. Both went on to become generals in Trayus's army.

Skills and Abilities[]

Saias Kargon holds the skills and powers of a Dark Jedi Master. Having been well trained in the ways of the Jedi, he is an expert in all three of the new age styles, Strong, Medium, and Fast. He is also a master of one classical form, Makashi. Coupled with an arsenal of Force powers, Saias easily holds the position of the strongest of the current Hands of Darkness. He is well-versed in lightsaber combat, and also utilizes a light ring as a secondary, backup, or tactical weapon. This weapon works on a similar scale of that of a lightwhip, and is not an actual lightsaber weapon of sorts.