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Scautus Order
General Information

Kratyn vuv Enerkerraz


Kratyn vuv Enerkerraz

Notable Members
Historical Information
Founding Date

14 ABY


18 ABY

Other Information
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The Scautus Order was founded by the Covallon Jedi Shadow Kratyn vuv Enerkerraz as part of a plan to stop a group he called the Varanian Brethren. Little is known about Kratyn's plans, affiliations, and allies for the Scautus Order, and even less is known about his shadowy enemy. A secondary objective for the Order was to take vengeance on the Galactic Empire for its role in the destruction of the old Jedi Order.

As part of this plan, the Order seized control of the planet Kuras IV. At the time, the Order was under the apparent leadership of General Enscu and his Gank army, with Dark Jedi Rakka, Scur, and Volu Crix'ls taking secondary positions. Kratyn himself hid his identity from all involved, including the other members of the order. Instead, he used Enscu as a puppet ruler for the Order.

The goal in seizing Kuras IV lay in a superweapon buried beneath its surface. According to the native species of the planet, they had advanced too much too quickly, resulting in their own destruction - and the transformation of their world into the ice planet it had become by the arrival of Breggar Lark in 14 ABY. Acquiring this weapon appeared to be the primary objective of the Scautus Order.

A third objective for the Order was to attain the vast treasures acquired by the pirate Whit Solomon during his life. To this end, the agents Scur and Rakka were sent to Baehorde to retrieve it.

Of all the agents of the Scautus Order, Rakka may have been the only one to suspect the true identity of their leader. There is some evidence that he (or they) had another master, besides Kratyn.