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Shrike-class Combat Frigate
Production Information

Muir Corporation




Capital Ship


10,550,000 Credits

Technical Specifications
  • Muir Standard
    • 325 meters
  • Starlight Star Drives
    • 380 meters
  • 60 meters
  • 100 meters (at widest point)
Maximum Acceleration

5 MGLT/s

  • 18 MGLT (Muir Standard)
  • 20 MGLT (Starlight Mod)

14 DPF

Hyperdrive Rating

Class 2

Backup Hyperdrive Rating

Class 16

  • 1,520 SBD (Military)
  • 1,050 SBD (Civilian)
  • 1,600 SBD (Starlight Mod)
  • 750 RU (Muir Standard)
  • 940 RU (Starlight Mod)
  • Military Version
    • 8 Turbolaser Batteries
    • 12 Quad Laser Turrets
    • 8 Ion Cannons
  • Civilian Version
    • 4 Turbolaser Batteries
    • 8 Quad Laser Turrets
    • 2 Ion Cannon Turrets
  • Starlight Star Drives
    • 8 Twin Turbolaser Batteries
    • 12 Quad Laser Turrets
    • 6 8-Tube Missile Launchers
    • 2 Heavy Ion Cannons
  • Muir Standard
    • 24 Starfighters
  • Starlight Star Drives
    • 24 Starfighters
    • 4 Assault Shuttles
  • Muir Standard
    • 1,250
  • Starlight Star Drives
    • 910
Minimum Crew



200 (troops)

Cargo Capacity

1,000 Metric Tons

  • Support
  • Picket
Year Introduced

15 ABY

Exodus Information


The Shrike-class Combat Frigate is a design that is used as a support or picket frigate for colony systems of the Muir Commonwealth.


The ship was a powerhouse design, able to outfight ships larger than it due to the firepower that was available and the number of starfighters that it could carry. While it was in use, it was relied on heavily to bring a quick punch towards any enemies of the Muir.

It has since been completely phased out of usage by the Muir Navy, and was recently made available for purchase in a stripped down version, which reduces mainly the shielding as well as the weapons readout, for the general public. Colony systems and territories of the Commonwealth who still utilize the design in private defense forces however still make use of the standard military version of the ship.

Years later there have been rumors of the Muir bringing the design back for use in the military, revamping it and bringing the vessels up to current technological levels up to what the Muir are capable of now.

Starlight Star Drive's Version[]

But as those rumors seem to remain just rumors, Starlight Star Drives had been contracted out by a local defense force to upgrade a number of their Shrike Frigates. Work was completed on six of the ships, rebuilding and strengthening much of the hull, during which they reworked the vessel's general systems reducing the crew requirement and installed a more powerful and efficient reactor.

When that was completed a new set of weapons systems were installed which gave the ship a superior combat capability to the original. A stronger and more robust Shield system was also installed, allowing the the ships to be able to stay in the fight for longer periods of time.

The hangers were also extended to allow for more roomy maintenance areas and for the inclusion of larger support craft to the Ship's roster.

Due to a breech in the contract, namely the local defense force didn't pay for the work on time, despite having deadline extended twice to do so. Ownership of the six vessels was legally given to Starlight Star Drives, who promptly placed the vessels up for sale. After being on the market for a while all six ships were bought by Providence.