Sith Revolution


Xen'Chi War

Sith-Cylon War

16 ABY


17 ABY


Cylon Imperium space


The Cylon Imperium is effectively decommissioned and consumed by the Crimson Empire.

Major battles:
  • Batte of Cerrik
  • Battle of Algovin
  • Battle of Natidal
  • Battle of Cylon
  • Duels on Cylon

Cylon Imperium


We will crush them. We will cripple them. And in the end, they will serve as a footnote to the galaxy as to what the Sith are truly capable of.Darth Trayus

The Sith-Cylon War was a conflict occurring from the end of 16 ABY through the beginning of 17 ABY, which stood as a testament for Darth Trayus's and his Sith's true potential.

Following the war, the crippled and defeated Cylon Imperium surrendered, and was dissolved into the ranks of the Crimson Empire.


We must play politics with them, use our greatest strengths to exploit their biggest weaknesses. When they are ripe, we will pick.Darth Invisus

The Sith-Cylon War was already in planning before the Sith Revolution in Shadow Imperium space commenced. The Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Invisus, always had plans to incorporate Cylon into his plans for the ultimate eradication of the Jedi Order. However, he saw K471 and his followers as a liability he could not afford to let go unnoticed.

Secretly, the Hands of Darkness Saias Kargon and Xahruk operated within Cylon borders, monitoring their expansionary progress and keeping poised to inform their master of the opportune moment to strike. When Darth Trayus attacked the Shadow Imperium, the two Dark Jedi were not informed, nor was the Cylon Imperium, and the call for help would never be initiated due to underestimating Trayus's forces. It was not long after Darth Sadis died that Saias had sent the word to Testria of the opportune moment to strike.

The Invasion

We enter swift, we ravage all in our path, and we reach Cylon before they know what hit them.Darth Trayus

Not one to simply pass off a step in power, Trayus ordered the Shadow Imperium, now restructured into the Crimson Empire, to assemble a fleet, spearheaded by the Inclement herself, to attack. Trayus would lead the assault, with his apprentice remaining behind to oversee the Empire's functions.

Trayus lead the chain of events personally, using his Battle meditation to his forces' advantage as they quickly came and conquered Cerrik, and moved on through Cylon space before reaching Cylon itself. From there, the fleet made fast work of Cylon's defenses, and Trayus ordered K471 to surrender. The general declined, and the Sith Lord defeated him in combat. Due to K471's nature, however, Trayus was forced to continue to fight the droid until he reached the source of his power, and shut it down using the Force. With but one copy of his personality left, in the crippled body that he controlled, K471 finally agreed to becoming a general in Trayus's army.

Of course, Trayus knew all too well the art of betrayal, and kept the only surviving additional copy of K471 to himself. This would keep K471 loyal for the duration of Trayus's reign of power.


Fear me, Sivter. For when I find you, the last thing you will look upon is my blade piercing your dark, empty heart.Darth Trayus

The end of the Sith-Cylon War saw the Imperium's demise and incorporation into the Crimson Empire. With his forces now complete, Trayus was ready to begin his ultimate objective. But to first do so, he would have to replenish his own ranks. Now thirsty for more power, and more control, he set his sights upon nearby territories to conquer and expand his empire.

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