Sith Stormtrooper
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Founding Date

17 ABY

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Military Branch

Ground forces


Heavy Infantry

Exodus Information

The Sith Stormtroopers were the main ground force of the new Sith Empire after 17 ABY. Apart from their black armour, they were similar to Imperial Stormtroopers. This blatant attempt to adopt the image of the Galactic Empire was not the Sith Empire's first such attempt, nor would it be the last.

In the Sith'ari Centrality, this armour was often adapted for the four-armed Kli'aari, the bulky T'sarki, and the petite feline B'trillans. Although many still carried the traditional cylindrical thermal detonators, most deployed in urban environments carried sonic grenades, stun grenades, flashbangs or some variant of immobilization charge. The standard weapon remained the E-11 Blaster Rifle. Sith Stormtroopers frequently bolstered planetary defence and law enforcement, and often worked in concert with Central Command Operatives. One specialized variant, a medium suit of power armour augmented with joint servomotors, was used by Centrality Derriphan Troopers.

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