Special Fighter Assault Corps
General Information

Fleet Admiral Cameron Karrak




Torbus,Cassara, and Isial

Historical Information
Formed From

Fighter Corps, Special Forces Corps

Founding Date


Other Information

Cassaran Star Republic

Exodus Information


The CorpsEdit


The SFAC simply known as S-fac among the Cassarans is an organization of elite Naval pilots who have undergone extensive training in both space and ground tactics. Their training lasts over 2 years and extends into both areas of warfare. Their training regiment is as follows.

  • Basic firearms training
  • Advanced firearms training
  • Infiltration
  • Demolitions
  • Electronic warfare
  • Stealth tactics
  • Advanced hand to hand combat
  • Advanced dogfighting tactics
  • Guerilla Tactics (Both Space and Ground)
  • Survival training
  • Advanced Battlefield mechanics

Only a hundred pilots are accepted into the SFAC each year, of those less than ten complete the training. It is the most elite military unit in the Cassaran Military, their members number four eight pilot squadrons. They fly their own personally modified fighters.

Operational DutiesEdit

The SFAC perfomr Black ops, special ops, and every other kind of op their commander can think of. They can be attatched to fleets and used to supplement conventional fighter squadrons. They can also be used to independently infiltrate a world and commit sabotuer missions.

Member SquadronsEdit

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