This is about our roleplaying community's stories in various environments. Random Star Wars fanon, and most canon after Return of the Jedi, does not belong here.

All individual canon entries are prohibited. There's already a Wikia with Star Wars canon articles, don't put them here. Also, the focus of each article is not to reflect on canon events surrounding the article's purpose. Because the Exodus community is its own canon, please restrict canonical information in articles to references, unless the article (or segments of) are directly related to such information.

For example, if John Doe, the Jedi Master, was a participant in the Battle of Kashyyyk, then detailed information about the battle restricted to the character's involvement may be relayed.

Or, if a government is formed from a canonical source, (such as the Imperial Remnant), then only reference to canonical information that would be directly applicable to the government's purpose and history.

PLEASE NOTE: All canon beyond the Battle of Endor is nullified, according to our timeline. Therefore, no mention to any canon events, etc. is allowed after 4 ABY. Anything that occurs up to 4 ABY, however, is allowable for reference. This means that one cannot cite the Battle of Coruscant during the Yuuzhan Vong War, as it never happened here.