Stark Industries
Founder Howard Stark
CEO Alex Burke
Chairman of the Board John Carlton
Known Employees
Corporate Headquarters New York, New York

History[edit | edit source]

Stark Industries was founded by Howard Stark and taken over by his son Tony, after his death. Tony ran the company until his death in 2003. At this time he passed the company over to his protege, Ethan Drake. During Drake's time as CEO of the company he helped to greatly expand the business. After his death in 2008 his friend and fellow Avenger, Carter Jones, became the new CEO and owner of the company. However, Jones turned it over to a new CEO Alex Burke only a few short years later. Carter went on to become the owner of King Enterprises. After the death of Jones Stark Industries bought out King Enterprises, adding it to its already impressive holdings.

Employees[edit | edit source]

Officers[edit | edit source]

  • Alex Burke - Owner/CEO
  • John Carlton - Chairman of the Board

Other Employees[edit | edit source]

Former Employees[edit | edit source]

Subsidiary Companies & Branches[edit | edit source]

  • Accutech
  • Askew Electronics
  • Barstow Electronics
  • Cordco
  • Donahue Corporation
  • Funtime Incorporated
  • Pendyne Incorporated
  • Smart Green Technologies
  • Stark Bio-Film Research
  • Stark Heavy Industries
  • Stark Insurance
  • Stark Light Time Computing
  • Stark Robotics
  • Stark Super Dynamics
  • Maria Stark Foundation
  • Maria Stark Memorial Children's Hospital located at Avengers Tower
  • Stark Solutions
  • Stark Heart Foundation
  • Stark Substance Abuse Counseling Clinic located at Avengers Tower
  • King Technologies
  • King Biotech
  • King Aerospace
  • King Chemicals
  • King Shipping
  • Jared Jones Foundation
  • Eva Jones Foundation
  • King Medical
  • King Electronics
  • Royal Time Entertainment
  • Steel Corp International
  • King Shipbuilding
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