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Writing Books, Glossology

Stefan the Great also known as Stephanos Tzitzilonis, was borned on an unknown date somewhere on Planet Earth Before the Battle of Yavin(BBY). He is said to be a cyborg aiming for world domination also called as Dark Lord of? Oh I cant find a title again :-P

Finding ExodusEdit

Well, my first RPing experience was on an old forum John my cousin, past Exodus member created with PrincessTabetha/Blackhunt called the Star Wars NewVerse. I was kinda stuck with the idea of RPing from then and when John spoke to me about this forum where Tabetha was also present I thought lets give it a change. And here I am :D


Well I am not the most active member you will ever see for two reasons. From January when I registered I was reading for my final High School 3rd Grade Exams, the exams that would give me a change to be on the Univeristy of my choice, the most crucial moment of a students life here in Greece and because I have a beautifull relation not leaving me much free time but between us I love being together ;-)

A new fresh startEdit

Well, John left at some point for his own reasons leaving me with his everything...from that point and wiht my exams over I try to handle his things, become a better member and RPer and produce story :-D

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