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Raii Meriaz


Raii Meriaz

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16 ABY

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Cult of Shadow

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"Death can be the only outcome for those we target."
— Raii Meriaz

The Teroch’dha, translated from Mando’a as “pitiless dark”, are a small elite group of Darksider assassins within the Cult of Shadow trained to be silent and undetectable killers. Few, even within the cult, have any true knowledge about the division other than the fact that it exists.

It was created by Raii Meriaz to fill a perceived lack of Dark Side assassins that the cult could call upon when necessary. In practice, only Raii and the Dark Master have authority to give the Teroch’dha orders. While they’re frequently sent to eliminate enemies to the cult, the Teroch’dha also act as a secret police force; purging those that would try and undermine the Dark Master’s mandate from within.

No member of the Teroch’dha has a rank above Dark Knight since their skills are highly specialized. This makes them no less dangerous since they are extensively trained in all aspects of stealth and assassination. More than one disloyal Dark Lord has been killed at the hands of a Teroch’dha.

Another interesting feature of the Teroch’dha is that they don’t use lightsabers, preferring instead alchemically crafted blades capable of resisting lightsabers.