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Teslar Maladan
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Date of Death

13 ABY

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1.83 meters

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Personal Information

Cadden Blackthorne (ambiguous)


Ilan Garuda


Single-bladed lightsaber

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Fallen Jedi Master


Jedi Consular

Current Students

Cadden Blackthorne (ambiguous)

Former Students

Ilan Garuda

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"And if you cannot see beyond yourself and your own needs, then you should know that I have the only means of unlocking your past, and letting your heritage return to your bloodline."
— Teslar Maladan to Cadden Blackthorne

Teslar Maladan, a Fallen Jedi, had reached Master status during the Clone Wars, about two months after its initiation. However, he was soon exiled from the Order after starting to look for Sith ways and teachings, despite that he was studying these things to unearth the Sith Lord that was responsible for the War. Thus, as he was cast into exile, Teslar finally discovered who the Sith Lord was behind the Clone Wars. However, he was consumed by hatred for the Jedi Order, and kept the secret to himself, disappearing from known civilization for several years.

His time between his disappearance and reappearance brings a lot of mystery, but it is certain that he had come to a better understanding of the Force through that time. Like his previous student, Ilan Garuda, Teslar was searching for Cadden Blackthorne, but not for the same reasons. He sensed something about Blackthorne, and when he and Cadden finally came face-to-face, Teslar knew what it was. Cadden was much different from his previous student and, while his skills were only adequate compared to the other, he knew that Cadden's sheer power with the Force and determination would bring Ilan's wave of destruction to and end.

Instructing Cadden on the fundamentals of the Force - granting Blackthorne a much deeper understanding to how the Force works - he helped Cadden prepare for his final duel against Ilan on Holoworld III. However, unbeknowingst to Cadden, Teslar also sensed his own end at the hands of Ilan, something the blind Jedi wished for to free him from the bonds of life, and while Ilan anticipated Cadden's death as well, Blackthorne was able to defeat the Dark Jedi.

It would seem as though, perhaps, Teslar had not fallen to the Dark Side, or was attempting to redeem his fall, as it would turn out that his push to bring Cadden to Mandalore and become the leader of the Mandalorians was his way of aiding the galaxy. His actions, the subtle push for Cadden to discover his true heritage, hints that he may have either known of the Guardians of the Force, or simply had in mind for Cadden to reunite the Mandalorians and ally them with the Jedi. Either theory holds with Teslar's last words to Cadden:

"Farewell, Blackthorne... may you find your destiny, and your past, in your upcoming journeys."

These final words were spoken before Teslar went to face Ilan for a final time. He was defeated in lightsaber combat, and before he died, Ilan sapped away the knowledge that Teslar had gained on the inner workings of the Force, in order to use it for his own ends.