The Dreamers consist of Mara, Samantha and Minerva Martin. They are triplets that were adopted by Peay and Paul Martin when they were born. They grew up in Duxbury, MA till the age of 14, and have never met their biological parents. When their powers emerged Peay and Paul decided to find a school to send them to to help them control and understand their powers better. This was understandable, since one of the base powers that they all share is the ability to shape shift into small tuxedo cats. However, their parents didn't know if the mutation was the ability to shape shift into cats, or whether the mutation made them cats and they had the ability to shape shift back into humans. After doing a bit of research on the subject, the two found Massachusetts Academy and decided that this was the best place for the girls. Since it was in the same state that the girls had lived their whole life, it was a great choice and the girls knew that their adopted parents would be able to visit them often.

School LifeEdit

Currently attending Massachusetts Academy.


Separate they have their own powers but together they have considerably more.

  • Precognition (Limited)
  • Shared Consciousness
  • Access to anything any of the others knows

Behind the ScenesEdit

Totally named after my cats.

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