Thunderbuster Armor
Original Designer Alex Burke
Current Builder Stark Industries
Preceded By Thorbuster Armor
Affiliation Iron Man


The Thunderbuster Armor was specifically created to battle Thor or any other Asgardian should they turn against humanity.


NOTE: This is by no means a complete list of the armor's capabilities. This armor was designed and built in secret. Very few know of its existence.

  • Super Strength: The armor magnifies Alex's strength to superhuman levels, enabling him to lift at least 100 tons.
  • Flight: The Thunderbuster Armor can reach speeds above Mach 6. If sufficiently powered by Thor's lightning it can reach much faster velocities.
  • Self-Contained Life-Support System & Environmental Protection: The suit can be completely sealed for operations in vacuum or underwater, providing its own life support, and is shielded against radiation.
  • Lightning Absorption: The armor has massive storage potential wherein it can absorb almost a limitless amount of lightning and use it for numerous tasks such as supercharging it's weapons, shields, flight capabilities, etc. This ability allows Iron Man to use Thor's greatest power to his advantage.
  • Thunderstrike Repulsors: Concussive force bolts that are fired from the palms of his gauntlets. These repulsor weapons are able to use Thor's lightning against him by absorbing and supercharging the blasts.
  • Thunderstrike Uni-Beam: Projects an extremely powerful stream of energy from his chest. Under normal circumstances this weapon is capable of destroying tanks and sinking aircraft carriers. Like the repulsors, it is able to use Thor's lightning to supercharge the weapon. This iteration of the Uni-Beam, when sufficiently charged, is one of the most devastating ever created.
  • Thunder Crusher: A massive hammer designed to work with the armor. It is able to create shields, expel excess lightning from the storage batteries, and even disrupt the flight path of Mjolnir, which is by far it's most important function.
  • Personal Shield: It is capable of withstanding direct impact from missiles and heavy ordnance. If Alex redirects the armor's entire power supply the shield can withstand the impact and fallout of a low yield nuclear weapon.
  • Particle Beam: A weapon capable of firing streams of particle energy at enemies.
  • Power Cells: The armor is powered by a combination of solar converters, electrical batteries and an on-board generator that uses beta particle absorption as a fuel source.
  • Energy Conversion Power Recharge: The suit is also able to convert nearby energy sources, such as heat or kinetic energy into electricity, or even drain electrical energy directly into the batteries for recharge. It is much more efficient and faster at this process then any other armor.
  • EMP Invulnerability: The Thunderbuster armor is completely resistant to electromagnetic pulses.
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