Tol Reban
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186 cm

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Two Lightsabers



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Darth Invide

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Norik Kun

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Two singleblade

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Count of Ord Radarna

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Sith Empire

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Sith Covenant

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Biography Edit

One of the most sinister and ruthless of the Sith Covenant, what Tol Reban could not achieve through manipulation, he achieved through violence.

Tol Reban was born on Ziost, and joined the Sith Naval Academy at the tender age of 17. By age 20, he was commanding his own corvette. He gradually rose in rank, but his ambition was not sated. Then, at age 24, he was selected by Norik Kun himself, to become one of his students. He eagerly jumped at the opportunity.

Determined and ambitious as he was, he took in everything he was taught. He concentrated on learning the art of fighting with dual lightsabers, while not neglecting his Force training. When it was time for the final test, he was ready.

But before he could become a Sith, the Sith Empire fell. Tol Reban fled the remnants of the Sith Empire. Eventually, he met the man known as Yeurl, who coerced him into joining the Minari, where he became the right hand of Yeurl. Yeurl gave him the girl Katya as an apprentice.

The Triumvirate quickly failed, and Yeurl took Tol and Katya to Roon, where he inducted them into the Sith Covenant - the organization he truly served...

The CovenantEdit

Tol became the Sith Apprentice of Yeurl - or Darth Invide, as he was known within the Covenant - but retained Katya as his apprentice, a unique situation within the Covenant.

His first mission went to the planet Pzob, but he and Katya found no trace of the "advantage" that Darth Obscurus had mentioned, and returned empty-handed.

Afterwards, he and Katya subverted Camden, and assisted Jenruax in setting up a Sith academy on Ryloth. After returning to Roon, Tol went to Obscurus and demanded more than to be an errand boy. After losing a confrontation to Obscurus, he was ordered to find and reclaim the Temple of Pain.

When he returned after successfully completing the mission, he found Obscurus dead and Darth Kabal as the new leader of the Covenant. Kabal made him a Sith Knight, allowing him to officially take Katya as his apprentice.

The EnclaveEdit

After the formation of the Sith Enclave, Tol was created Count of Ord Radarna. He remained an apprentice of Darth Invide

Information & Statistics Edit

Tol Reban is the master of several styles of lightsaber combat, and usually fights with his dual lightsabers in a style which combines Niman / Jarkai with elements of the other forms, most prominently Form IV. Thus, he is able to adapt his fighting style to counter that of his opponent.

Lightsaber Combat Edit

Known Force Powers Edit

Possessions Edit

Tol Reban has in his possession the Tascollan holocron, taken from the Temple of Pain.

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