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"It's simple to know what to do when. But to know why you're doing it? Or better yet, to actually do it? That's the tough part."
— Tone Krellisk


Early LifeEdit

"I’m from a planet called Silseris. It’s not a planet you would have heard from. There have only been three times in the history of the planet where people from outside have come to the planet. Almost every time has been an accident. It’s a very dry planet. I’ve been told that Tatooine is like it, but odds are Silseris is drier, hotter, and sandier."
— Tone Krellisk to Renato Farani

Tone Krellisk was born on Silseris in 4 BBY. Part of the Bol'zeri Tribe of the Silserian Tribes, Tone grew up in a normal Silserian fashion. She was raised as was customary and learned all of the skills that was expected of a Bol'zeri. She grew up, maturing and developing into one of the most beautiful woman in her tribe and on all of Silseris and as soon as she entered a marrying age, she had suitors coming to her parents, but Tone ensured that all offers were turned down. Tone participated in the annual Games, competing in a variety of events.

She won many of her events each year, growing in prowess when it came to everything Silserian, especially the Bol'zeri tribal dance, Nu'ras. It was some time after Emmali Vaungier left Silseris when Tone achieved one of the rarest feats able for a Silserian. She won first place in every event at the Games. While this had happened twice in recent history, before that, it hadn't happened for over a thousand years. As part of the reward, she was given the option of getting the victory tattoos, a series of tattoos on her face and shoulders denoting her status as a Games champion.

Unlike Emmali Vaungier or Rhyana Torshey who had achieved the status before her, Tone decided to get the tattoos, in the Bol'zeri color of dark green, which also happened to match her eyes.

Tone's Tattoos

At this point in time, travelers from outside of the system came to Silseris by accident and had space for a large number of people on their ship. Tone and her parents were among the people who left Silseris to journey out into the rest of the galaxy. She left behind the rest of her family, her friends, and everything that she knew to travel the stars.

Amongst the StarsEdit

"I left the second time that someone came to the planet, along with my parents."
"Where are they now? Are they back on Silseris?
— Tone Krellisk and Renato Farani

Onboard the ship, Tone began to apply herself to one of the things she'd never been that strong at: piloting. However, it was something that was not meant to be. She was good in an atmosphere environment, but strangely she found it harder to pilot in space. There were few vessels on Silseris that were capable of going in space and it wasn't part of the Games. She just didn't have a natural talent for it. As was the case with Emmali Vaungier when it came time for them to disembark, the pilot of the vessel didn't want her to leave, because she was just so useful around the ship and beautiful.

She'd cleaned the ship from top to bottom, had fixed a large part of the shield generators, and had organized his wardrobe. Also the fact that Tone was drop dead gorgeous didn't hurt either and was a large part of what exactly he was offering to Tone and her parents. Tone realized then and there that she was different from the normal Silserian woman. By the time they reached sixteen, a normal Silserian had already achieved True Silserian status. In addition, they had taken part in some of the more controlled parties of the Games. Tone had indulged in the parties, but had never let anything get out of hand, though she had been intoxicated before.

However, she had not become a True Silserian yet, something that annoyed her. She simply refused every man who came after her, even if they promised undying love and marriage. Despite her best attempts, she couldn't find a way around this built in part of her personality. She was fun loving and was skilled at seduction, enjoying the games that Silserians played, extremely sensuous and physical. Yet she always refused her would be lovers, just as she did the pilot. Her parents had always been concerned for her, wondering why she was like that. As they always did though, they stood behind her decision.

They got off at Ord Mantell and began their journey into the known galaxy. As they did, Tone learned more and more of the rest of the galaxy. She was shocked to find out that the rest of the galaxy didn't follow a matriarchal society like the one on Silseris. She learned a variety of other things about the galaxy and became slowly more familiar with piloting fighters and hyperspace capable ships.

Eventually, she and her parents found themslves on Bestine, a planet that Tone fell in love with. It was a huge ocean world, with a few islands scattered across the surface. It was perfect for someone like her, who loved water. While they were there, the trio met and befriended an old Whipid Jedi, L'hnnar. For a brief period of time, Tone was happy, and considered settling down on Bestine for good. But things were not meant to be.


"We went around to a few systems, deciding to pick a place to settle down after seeing a few. But my parents were killed by a barfight that spilled out into the street. L'hnnar had met us earlier and had been talking to my parents’ about my potential in the Force. After they died, we found each other and he took me on as his padawan."
— Tone Krellisk to Renato Farani

L'hnnar sensed the Force sensitivity in Tone. It was why she was picking up piloting so quickly, it was only part of the reason for it. He sensed the power in her and wanted to train her. He spoke first to her parents about things and they expressed an interest in letting her train in the Jedi way. Before he could speak to Tone about it, he was called away to handle something. While he was gone, tragedy struck. Tone and her parents were at one of the bars on Bestine when a barfight started. They were amongst those who were leaving the bar, as the fight was starting to get out of hand, but Tone's mother was attacked. Her father told her to leave while he went back to save her mother.

However, he was unsuccessful. Both of her parents were killed in the ensuing brawl that took out the entire bar, burning it to the ground. The event was burned into Tone's mind and she found herself lost for a while. She went through the motions of life, surrounded by only one or two friends, as she hadn't made many since coming to Bestine. She was in her home a few weeks after the incident, when L'hnnar came calling. He had returned from what he had needed to attend to and had found out what had happened.

He showed her the skill that she had in the Force, giving explanations for many of the things that Tone had taken for granted over the years. He asked if she wanted to study the Jedi arts under him and become his padawan and at first, Tone responded in the negative. In her mind, she had to return to Silseris and inform her extended family what had happened. She had an obligation, especially since Silseris had no real communication with the outside galaxy. It wasn't like she could just send out a comm. message and the rest of the Bol'zeri tribe deserved to know what had happened to two of their leaders and the current goings on of one of the most famous members of the tribe, her, even if it was morbid.

Sensing the conflict within her and knowing that if she went back to Silseris she would never return to the known galaxy, L'hnnar had to convince her. In the end, he figured out what to tell her rather easily. She held her parents and their views in high esteem, and once she knew what they had thought of her becoming a Jedi, he was confident that Tone would agree with him and opt to study and become a Jedi.

When L'hnnar told her that he had already spoke to her parents about it and that her parents had been supportive of her becoming his padawan, she decided to make the change in her life. She accepted L'hnnar's offer and became his padawan. She would study in the Jedi way and would honor her parents' memory. L'hnnar told her that she would be able to help people around the galaxy who had been affected by senseless violence, just like she had and that she would be able to prevent episodes like it from happening to others.

She sold the home that they'd purchased and donated a large number of her parents' belongings to charity, keeping only those things of theirs that she cherished and would be able to remember them by. After that, she left Bestine with L'hnnar, headed towards a new chapter in her life.


"Did you think that this would be easy, Tone?"
"I didn't think it would be this hard."
"Well that is what gives the Jedi his strength. His persistence. His dedication. His committment to the ideals and beliefs and his willingness to go and do what needs to be done."
"I understand, Master"
"I know that you will be a great Jedi, Tone. You have that dedication inside of you.
L'hnnar and Tone Krellisk

Tone found out that life as a Jedi was hard work. She had to work at her training, despite her natural ability to learn and adapt to things. She began to study the Jedi arts and learn more of the Force. Tone discovered that she had a great ability to wield the Force and that all she had to do was refine her techniques. What she had felt when she was growing up was only an inkling of what she had inside of her.

She also began to learn how to wield a lightsaber. She was given one of L'hnnar's lightsabers, a violet bladed one. L'hnnar was more than an average swordsman to put it lightly, and he began to drill her in the art of lightsaber combat. She picked up the skill, but not to a great degree. Her specialty was more in manipulating the Force than in fighting with a lightsaber. L'hnnar realized this and worked with her in both, but more in lightsaber combat to address this weakness.

Time passed and she got more and more adept at using the Force. Her ability to enhance her physical performance increased. L'hnnar watched as she began to grow into her own and become more and more a Jedi. Tone was deeply interested in the history of the Jedi and the Order and studied the subject in depth during her lessons with her master and on her own time. She was more than shocked to find out that her master had been present for more than a few of some of the events.

Already treating him with respect, the level of that respect increased tremendously. Tone threw herself more and more into her studies, improving rapidly. L'hnnar and she went around the galaxy, to different systems, helping those in need. She learned more and more firsthand what was expected of a Jedi. She grew and matured, becoming more and more one with the galaxy. A by product of this was that she started to lose the mentality that the galaxy should be matriarchal like Silseris. She began to lose a lot of the societal rules that governed Silserians, but a lot of them stuck with her no matter what, made a part of her.

As her training continued, Tone took an interest in living things and their connection to the Force. She wanted to learn more of a Jedi's ability to influence the mind and thought process of beings. She was able to do this with the small animals and creatures that she and L'hnnar came across and expanded this to larger creatures. She was fiarly adept with doing it to people and she felt that it had something to do with her innate Silserian pheromones.

Furthermore, she took a further interest in using a lightsaber, knowing that she would eventually come into conflict with other Force users who might wield the weapon. L'hnnar had recognized this as one of her weaker points and worked with her even more extensively. He knew that Tone was a gentle person who didn't like fighting and didn't want to harm anyone unless she had to. That didn't mean that she could afford to not be trained in lightsaber combat.

She was headed towards becoming a Jedi Knight when L'hnnar decided that it was time for them to go to Onderon and rejoin the Jedi Order, though she still had much to learn.


"Remember, Tone, we are here to help, something the Jedi Order is in desperate need for. I am aware that you are still uncomfortable with the thought of us joining their ranks formally, that you hold your doubts that it is truly time to do so. I understand where you are coming from, I've been there myself. But we must trust in the voice of the Force. Besides, this shouldn't take long. We are not here to discuss philosophy, or to argue with the Council on any decision they have made. If our meeting is not favorable, then we will wait longer until the Order is better established, before we try rejoining again."
L'hnnar to Tone Krellisk

L'hnnar and Tone would return to the Jedi Order at a time when the galaxy was in great peril and needed Jedi like Tone's master. Indeed, when the two finally reached Onderon, the Jedi Council was in a meeting, discussing a wide number of things, including a mission proposed by Kalja Leidias to journey to Nexus Station. There they would meet with members of the Galactic Empire to discuss a treaty between the Jedi and the Empire.

Tone and her master were not granted access to the Council until after the meeting, but once it was over, they were able to introduce themselves and offer their services. The Grandmaster was more than happy to have them rejoin the Order, considering L'hnnar's particular skill in teaching. He asked for L'hnnar to apply the skill to not only Tone but now the rest of the school. The Jedi Temple had recently come under attack by the Cult of Shadow and was still reeling.

Morale was down and fear was a word that many of the padawans and younglings were experiencing. However, they had no way to talk about it and get it out of their thoughts and minds so that they could concentrate on their studies and prevent something like the attack from happening again. That was where L'hnnar and Tone would come in as well. They would start immediately on raising the morale of the Temple.

Tone and L'hnnar found that they had less time for their individual, more personal Master-Apprentice relationship and training and even less time to themselves to rest and recharge. Classes took up a lot of time, and they were two fo the more workload heavy people. What made the situation worse was that all of the members of the Council who weren't away on some kind of mission had to leave to go to Nexus Station for a meeting with delegates of the Galactic Empire.

This meant that even more burden and responsibility was placed on L'hnnar and Tone. While the Silserian woman didn't mind the loss of time, it slowly became more of a problem. She continued her studies as best as she was able to, but began to teach classes on a variety of subjects. She was particularly adept at teaching Jedi history and she used the stories of the Jedi of old to help bring the morale of the students and padawans back up.

She started a series of classes for lightsaber combat and helped find places for those who wanted to have sparring sessions. She also began to do general classes and non Force related classes, to help the padawans become well rounded Jedi who would bring more to the table in the different situations that they would find themselves in during their travels around the galaxy.

Tone was able to continue her own studies as well, and was delighted to train with the Balin droids as they were very adept at lightsaber combat, something that she herself was weak in. It granted her the ability to be more effective with the time that she had to train. Also, by training and helping the younglings and padawans, she gained a better understanding and control over what she herself had already learned.

In this way, she was able to train herself and was able to get much better at controlling the Force. She became the go to person to hold classes or just a regular training session. Tone became a known person in the Temple, who even some Knights and Masters came to for help for their own particular classes or padawans. L'hnnar had given her control over the schedule making for the different tutorials and classes. L'hnnar showed foresight, knowing that Tone performed even better under pressure than she did normally.

This meant that as she was asked by more and more people for help, she became more effective and efficient. Tone decided during this time that she enjoyed teaching greatly and wished that one day she might be able to be a teacher in the Temple.

Time passed, and the meeting at Nexus Station was concluded. Shortly afterwards, Kalja Leidias, one of the ranking members of the Jedi Council, was kidnapped. It threw the Order into a bit of disarray, especially to those few who knew about the connection between the Leidias and the man who had attacked Onderon a little while ago, Sivter. Tension was high for a few days. Soon, Onderon received word that a member of the Council was returning along with a few of the Jedi who had gone there was well, and there was a bit of a sigh of relief.

Derek Muir, along with his padawan, Rhyana Torshey, and Daer'Gunn's padawan, Renato Farani were headed back to Onderon.

Renato and KailEdit

"I'm not sure we've ever met before. I'm Master L'hnnar's padawan. Tone. Tone Krellisk."
"Renato Farani. I'm Master Daer'Gunn's Padawan, though he's not on Onderon right now. He sent me back to catch up on my training while he took care of some diplomatic... frivolities. So, is there anywhere I can accompany you to - you know, to make sure you don't go getting knocked off any balconies again soon?
— Tone Krellisk and Renato Farani

Since coming to Onderon, Tone had set up a grueling course load for herself. She taught classes in addition to continuing her own training. She was teaching one of those classes, when Renato Farani came into the room. He recognized her from the vision that he'd had, but didn't know how to approach her and tell her about it. Tone for her part, noticed him, more since he was rather out of place in the class. It was a class for more beginner students, and he appeared to be a much older and experienced padawan. She dismissed the class, and he disappeared.

Tone pushed him out of her mind, as she still had a busy schedule to keep up with. She left the classroom and headed up to the third level. Before she could head back to her quarters though, a youngling came up to her, asking her a question about the technique known as Force Push. He was apparently having problems with it. She began to work with him on it. Unfortunately, when she gave him a target, he wasn't paying attention and accidentally used it on her.

She was sent flying off of the third level and began to plummet down to the first floor, with nothing to stop her. She was so surprised, that she stopped thinking. Luckily, Renato was in the area and heard her cry out. He ran forward, accelerating his run with the Force, managing to catch her before she fell to the ground. After saving her life, the least that Tone felt that she could do was introduce herself. She told him her name, not knowing that she was confirming something about her from a vision that he had had. He told her his own name, Renato Farani.

She learned that he was the Grandmaster's padawan. He offered to escort her wherever it was that she was going and Tone accepted. She was drawn to him in a way that she hadn't been drawn to any man in a while. But it was deeper than her previous experience and much more potent. There was something about him that made him so interesting to her and she wanted to get to know him better. Tone complimented him on his reflexes and decided that she was going to spend her break in between her classes with Renato in the cafeteria, getting something to eat.

They began to talk and they talked about the Cult of Shadow's attack on the Temple, and Renato's involvement in the fighting. Tone told a humorous story of how she had made one padawan behave by telling him to do what Renato would do. They exchanged information about their respective homeworlds, Silseris and Frostwythe. She began to flirt with him and he with her, and after their meal was over, Tone had to get to her class. Renato took her there and dropped her off. She made sure to tell him that she wanted to see him again, outside of just being there to save her life.

After the class, she headed out to a courtyard, where there appeared to be a large congregation of people all watching the same thing. Even her master was there. She saw that the focus of the people's attention had been placed on a man who was balancing himself on a Bo. She said hello to her master, made a customary joke about something regarding him, in this instance his age, and proceeded to watch the man, just like everyone else. Her master missed the joke, thinking that she was serious, but before she could playfully continue, the man finished his balancing performance and descended. He came to L'hnnar and apologized for any intrusion, introducing himself as Kail.

L'hnnar introduced Kail to Tone. Tone was presented with an interesting problem. Her species is one firmly rooted in the physical world, especially when it comes to pleasure and intercourse. For her, Kail's lack of a mouth provided a dampener on his ability to experience the same level of pleasure that she could and she wanted to know how his species was able to do things such as kissing. Furthermore, she found herself attracted to Kail, much like she had been with Renato. Unlike Renato, however, Tone used her pheromones, albeit unknowingly. As a result, nearly every male in the courtyard with the exception of her master, as well as some of the females, were turned on, particularly to her.

She hadn't implicitly targeted Kail, because it hadn't been a conscious move.

Kail, who had never experienced Silserian pheromones before, became enamored of Tone, the same way a lot of the men and women in the courtyard were. he didn't know how to properly deal with it, and so he wanted to get to know her better. She and Kail spoke, briefly, before Kail went with her to a sparring session that Tone was to mediate. They were going to be training with Balins, and Tone quickly surmised that Kail had some sort of dislike of droids. She didn't know though, that it was from his culture.

She watched as he sparred with the droid, utilizing his Linshi Martial Arts. After besting the droid when it was on one of its lower Soresu settings, Kail was challenged by a Zabrak Jedi Padawan by the name of Caril Xai. The Zabrak was unimpressed with the Lin's abilities and believed that he could easily best the man. Tone was embarrassed by how forward Caril was being. The two waited until the sparring session was over, at Tone's behest, before having their own personal match.

The match lasted fifteen minutes and at the end of it, Kail had come out as the victor. The Zabrak begrudgingly gave Kail some respect, before leaving.


After the fight, Kail suggested a swim to help them cool off. Tone agreed, not realizing at the time what Kail meant by that. He swam in the nude, something that was accepted by his culture. She thought nothing of it, mainly because her culture did things that many people didn't accept. She wanted them to accept her, so she had to accept others when they did what they were comfortable doing. The two of them located a lake near the Temple and they went there for their swim.

Kail was attracted to her and wanted to get her away from everyone else in order to get to know her better. She was interested in Kail and wanted to get to know him better as well. After they had been swimming for a little while, Tone and Kail began to talk, but not normally, at least not normally for Tone. She opted, after he asked her if it would be okay, to speak to Kail telepathically so that it was more convenient for him.

Also he would be able to show her what his homeworld looked like, something that Tone was interested due to her fixation on water. She learned more about Lin'La'Se. After they got to know each other better and indulged in some entertainment, Tone headed back to the Temple, while Kail stayed at the lake for a bit more time.

The Zabrak that Kail had sparred with before arrived at her quarters after she had gotten back, had showered and changed. He had a message for her that someone had arrived in the hangar and needed to speak to her.


"Tone, its been far too long."
"What...what are you doing off Silseris?"
"It's a long story. But I came to find you and any other Silserian who left the planet."
"Why, what's wrong?"
"I have come to learn what everyone has been doing and send the information home. The tribes have decided to come forth into the galaxy."
— Tone Krellisk and Sona Nevri

When she got to the hangar, Tone was rewarded with a blast from her past. Her cousin, Sona Nevri had come to the Jedi Temple. Tone was overjoyed to see her cousin again, especially since she hadn't seen her in more than a few years. The two were reunited, and so happy to see each other, they didn't realize that they were pheromoning everyone in the hangar at the same time. The two began to catch up as they walked through the hallways of the Temple. Sona told Tone about a lot of the things that had happened on Silseris after Tone had left, though she made sure to move quickly due to the sheer amount of time that had transpired since that event.

It took a while, but slowly they shifted towards what Tone had done since she had left. She told Sona everything, telling her about how her parents had died and also about L'hnnar. Sona listened to everything and asked questions here and there, trying to figure out as much as she could of her cousin's recent past. After everything that had happened that day, Tone was incredibly tired, but Sona was excited and had energy.

Sona, in true Silserian fashion, asked about Tone's love life. Tone began to talk about the two men that she recently met and was attracted to, Renato Farani and Kail. Because she was so tired and out of sorts and the fact that she was telling Sona about everything, Sona got confused about the two of them. Tone had realized that she was more attracted to Renato, so she made sure to tell Sona that Renato was off limits. Sona understood that Renato was off limits, but despite everything that Tone had told her, she still didn't know exactly who Renato was. They also talked about life at the Temple and what exactly it was that Tone did when she wasn't learning or training.

Furthermore, Sona told Tone that she was here to also learn the Jedi ways and to become a Jedi. This made Tone happy, because it meant that her cousin was going to be staying on Onderon for the foreseeable future. She was happy to finally have some one who was her family be close to her and easily accessible.

They reached Tone's quarters and Tone headed to bed, while Sona went around the Temple to learn more about the Jedi Temple and the people at the Temple itself. After she made sure to warn Sona not to get into trouble, Tone let her cousin go. She didn't want anything bad to happen to cause Sona to make a bad impression. However, she did know that it was very possible considering how her cousin thought and behaved.

Though she wasn't sure that everything was going to be okay, Tone trusted her cousin and decided to get some rest.


Tone went to sleep, but a peaceful rest was not to be hers. Shortly after she went to bed, she started to dream. To Silserians, dreams are incredibly important. They are windows to the future, gifts from the gods that allow them to properly understand their lives as there is nothing going on in their minds and they are at peace. The dreams could be things of possible futures to come, or things from the past that can be corrected or changed. They are lessons learned or lessons to be learned and as such, every Silserian treats them as though they are sacred. Often times, the course of Silserian history has been changed by one person's dreams or visions. Tone's belief in this is heavy and the dream that she had that night influenced her life for years to come. Her dream was similar to the vision that Renato Farani had had given to him by Rhyana's twin children, themselves half Silserian. It was a dream of a possible future, one in which Renato went to the dark side and brought Tone there with him. They were in love and Tone had journeyed with him to Froswythe, his homeworld. There, they had witnessed devastation and destruction, wrought by shadowy figures of the Dark Side.

Over time, in her dream, the two of them did unspeakable things that had been rationalized out by them, something that scared Tone. Furthermore, in her dream, she was attacked by a red skinned alien who sought nothing more than to end her life for reasons that she did not know. Not understanding what was going on, Tone fought back and when she woke, she screamed out for the first thing that she knew that would comfort her. As it turned out, the thing was a person, and she called out for Renato through the Force. What she didn't realize, was that she'd also called out vocally. Her cousin had been talking with Jessica Sterling, and they ran over to her room. She assured them that she was alright. Then Renato arrived. Cracking a joke that she should keep him on retainer, Renato listened as she explained to him what the dream was, and how important dreams were to Silserians, how they were considered portents to possible futures. She was a little amazed and shocked to find out that he had had a vision of sorts of something very similar, before they had ever met. Renato offered to sleep on the ground to keep her company.

Tone made an offer that they could be intimate and spend the night together, deciding that she needed to act at least a little on her growing feelings. She was Silserian, so acting on the feelings made sense, despite the fact that they'd only known each other for a day. Renato turned her down, saying that he couldn't, in good conscience, at this point in time. For her, this equaled rejection, as she hadn't been involved with anyone since she had left Silseris. While he tried to tell her that it didn't mean that he was rejecting her, she wasn't able to believe him, due to her culture and her upbringing. In the morning, Tone started making them breakfast.

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Tone as she appeared at the end of Renato's vision


Renato FaraniEdit

"Tell you what, why don't I sleep on the floor here tonight? Keep the monsters away."
"But you'll be cold. You could sleep here. You...don't have to if you don't want to. I just...nevermind. I have extra comforters and pillows."
"No. I... I want to, but... I can't. I mean, I want it to be special, you know? And...I only want to be absolutely sure that it's right, that it's forever, when I...Don't think I'm rejecting you, Tone Krellisk. Don't for a second think that I don't want you. But tonight, tonight, on this most wonderful of nights, I'll sleep down here, in the cold, alone, and I'll dream of you. And when the time comes - and it will, don't you doubt that - it won't be just a dream anymore.
Renato Farani and Tone Krellisk

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The TwinsEdit

"Aunt Tone!"
"What, is everyone getting the Uncle and Aunt routine? I thought me and Caitlyn were special."
"Uncle Akain, stop complaining. Aunt Caitlyn calls you a grouch."
"Favorite pastime of mine, actually. You two need to stop hanging around her, she's a bad influence on you two. Besmirching my character like that.
Akain Karna and Sahaja Muir and Jaidev Muir

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While Tone has a large family, she is not in contact with almost any of them. All members of her nuclear family are dead. In the known galaxy, she has one cousin, Sona Nevri. A part of her considers her master, L'hnnar as a surrogate father.

Recently, she became engaged to her boyfriend of only a short while, Renato Farani.

The ForceEdit

Force PowersEdit

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Lightsaber FormsEdit

"I'm not fully qualified to fight you. I know a few of the Jedi combat disciplines, but enough to protect myself, not to really go on the offensive. Master L'hnnar has always been working more with my ability to manipulate the environment around me. So, unless you just want to get into a brawl with a woman, it'll have to be someone else."
— Tone Krellisk to Kail

One of Tone's major weaknesses is her lack of skill with a lightsaber. While she is one of the instructors at the Jedi Temple at Onderon and has been training as a padawan for many years under the tutelage of L'hnnar, she does not have a great mastery over the various forms of lightsaber combat. She has proficiency in Soresu as well as Ataru. She utilizes both in a blend, creating an acrobatic form that addresses her height as well as her peaceful nature. Furthermore, she has a bit of knowledge of Makashi, but Tone has only learned this to blend it into her combination of the two previous forms, to allow her to have quick stabs and lunges that can maneuver around an enemy's defenses.

She continues to work on her lightsaber skills though, as she has become dedicated to mastering both Soresu and Ataru so that her blended form will be as perfect as possible.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

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Lightsaber WeaponryEdit

First Lightsaber (Borrowed)Edit

Tone currently uses a lightsaber constructed by her master, the Whipid Jedi L'hnnar. It has a crystal that produces a violet colored blade. The hilt design is a simple one but has a casually intricate design built into it. She has trained with it since she became a Jedi, with the exception of training sabers.


Tone's First Lightsaber

While she has begun to look into making a lightsaber of her own, she has also contemplated other choices for use.

Other WeaponryEdit

While she doesn't generally use any weapon besides her lightsaber, Tone is well versed with blaster pistols, but not with blaster rifles or carbines. She is a decent shot, but much of that is due to the Force and not to any skill of her own.


Active ThreadsEdit

These are threads in which Tone has been present or made an appearance

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