"Tràkata, not my style, but you can't argue with the result if it's done properly."
— Tulsar Leidias

Tràkata is a combat method used in conjunction with lightsaber dueling.

Tràkata is a unique form of combat - so difficult that few are able to master it. With Tràkata, the user keeps their lightsaber in their grasp but unactivated. The user of this form then dodges or defends against any attacks by using the Force. A few highly skilled users can sometimes even launch attacks using the Force in-between their opponent's attacks.

The user waits for the right moment to attack with their lightsaber. When an opening appears, they quickly approach their opponent and ignite their lightsaber, stabbing the blade through the enemy's body. Typically, this action instantly wounds or kills the opposing enemy. This technique, while not only difficult to master, is also considered to be a darker form of combat as it takes the enemy by surprise and can also be used outside of a lightsaber duel to dispose of somebody in close quarters.

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