The Trial of the Hunt is a rite performed by young Kartanin, roughly at twelve standard years of age. Until its completion, a Kartanin is part of the Untested. Having gained no honour and spilled no blood for house and family, they are yet unworthy of bearing a name.

Should they succeed - and not all do - they choose a first name, and are considered adults. Their family then prepares them for one year, before they start training with the Kartanin Warfleet.

The TrialEdit

The Trial of the Hunt is just that - a hunt. The young warrior is set loose within the wilderness, tasked to prove himself against a predator. The nature of the quarry is not set, but the more dangerous, the greater the glory. He is tasked to return to his people with proof of his glorious deed, or to find death trying. Should the temple priest assigned consider his quarry insufficient - an incident which rarely happens, as few Kartanin of that age could still harbour the mindset to hunt for harmless game - it brings dishonour upon the family, and the offending child is slain.