"At its core, my war was never about conquering the galaxy. It was about spreading the influence of the Dark Side. While it’s possible that my dream of making it the only power will end this day, my actions have already changed the balance."

The War of Darkness is the name that was eventually given to Sivter's master plan of remaking the galaxy into a place where only the Dark Side would reign. Although the true scope of the war would be carefully hidden at first, it would soon become apparent that, like the Xen'Chi War before it, the War of Darkness had the potential of disrupting the balance of the Force forever.

Origins[edit | edit source]


The War of Darkness can be directly tied to one man, the Defel Darksider known as Sivter. Since much of Sivter’s early life is a mystery, it’s unknown when he came to embrace his views of a chaotic universe, however, they were firmly cemented by the time he started working with the likeminded Dragon Masque and his cult in 6 ABY. Even after Masque’s death and Sivter’s defeat at Chisas, much of what Sivter picked up in the cult would be put into play for the eventual formation of the Cult of Shadow.

The cult’s formation in 13 ABY on the planet Arcanix was started small, but under Sivter’s guidance, the organization grew steadily without sacrificing its secrecy. Unlike many other Darksider groups with such grand ambitions, the Cult of Shadow was structured around using the enemy’s resources against them. As such it had no real standing military aside from the members themselves. Many early cult operations in the years leading up to the first conflict in the War of Darkness were built around subverting the resources of others for the benefit of the Cult of Shadow. This was exemplified by such Dark Lords as Malasik and Arien Garix who were adept at twisting and turning people to serve the Cult of Shadow’s goals, often without their victims even realizing it.

It’s likely that Sivter would have spent a few more years building the foundation of his war before making any overt moves, but unexpected troubles spurred him into accelerating his plans. He uncovered a plot by two of the Dark Lords who had sat on the cult’s Inner Circle to betray him and had them promptly removed. Additionally, another Inner Circle Dark Lord, Kishkumen, was unexpectedly cut off from contact in the Jade Worlds and presumed lost. This significant reduction of his ruling council in such a short amount of time threatened to destabilize the structure of the still young Cult of Shadow. In order to prevent that, Sivter decided to launch what would become known as the first major offensive in the War of Darkness…

History[edit | edit source]

Battle of Onderon[edit | edit source]

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"Onderon will be the prelude to my eventual victory. Prepare yourselves, for now is the time that the Cult of Shadow will reveal to the galaxy just how powerful the Dark Side can be!"
— Sivter to the assembled members of the Cult of Shadow

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