Wild Star Confederacy
Political Information
Type of Government

Constitutional Monarchy

Head of State

Syndic Ethan Griman

Legislative Branch


Societal Information


Official Language

Confederate Cedil

Historical Information
Formed From

Wild Star Corporation

Date of Establishment

11 ABY

Policy Information
Exodus Information


While claiming it is a confederacy the Wild Star Confederacy is not a true confederacy where it is multiple governments or parts coming together to make a collective government. Instead it uses a senate to decide what is best for the civilians while the President makes all decisions in regards to the government itself, the military, territory, etc. In reality the Wild Star Confederacy is a dictatorship with a senate.

Confederate Navy[edit | edit source]

Capital Ships[edit | edit source]

Starfighters[edit | edit source]

Gunships[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

Ethan Griman had made his first run as a member of his father's company, Wild Star Shipping, and inherited it when his father was killed in a pirate raid on the Wild Star Shipping station that orbited Corinth. He vowed to make it great and something to be proud of again.

The Trinity consisted of three pirate groups that had combined to create problems in the Yag'Dhul system and had been doing just that till Ethan's forces engaged in a long war with them culminating in one fleet of ships engaging the pirate fleet while another attacked two secondary strongholds, and the Black Knight Spec Ops group infiltrated and attacked pirate bases on Aldarhunien.

Ethan, tired of the destruction left in the wake of the pirate war called a meeting with the Wild Star Corporation's worlds in the Yag'dhul and Varonat System to propose creating Wild Star, the Confederacy. With one vote against, the proposal was passed.

New taskforces were assigned to each world for their protection, and several new Admirals and Captains were created as the fleet expanded to cover its duties.

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