William Gray
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United States


Normal Human

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215 lbs

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Ryan Webb (adoptive son)


Entrepreneur, Philanthropist



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"I will not forge you into a weapon, boy. You will not be a blunt instrument of vengeance. You will be something more; something better."
— William to Ryan


First AppearanceEdit

"And now, Blüdhaven, the real work begins."
— William Gray

Little is known about William Gray's past. As far as the world is concerned the man appeared out of nowhere, having amassed a small fortune that placed him as one of the wealthiest individuals in the United States and certainly the most wealthy in Blüdhaven, New Jersey. He has attributed his financial position to private imports and exports.

Adopting a SonEdit

"Thank you, Mr. Gray. Thank you for taking me in."
"Call me, William. And don't thank me. Not yet.
— Ryan and William

Shortly after first appearing in Blüdhaven William took in a 10 year old boy whose entire family who had been gunned down while they were having a picnic. The boy, Ryan Webb, was a gifted gymnast, a near prodigy. He had been at practice when the rest of his family was at the park. William made sure the adoption went through without any issue, even expediting that process as he saw fit. Though not an overly warm individual he was kind to the boy, despite the harsh and near brutal training he puts him through.

Forging a HeroEdit

"If you fall, you shall shall find your feet once more; if you bleed, you shall mend the wound; if you break, you shall set the bone. You are Nightwing. If challenged, you will not fail."
— William to Nightwing

Shortly after Ryan's adoption William began testing the boy, both physically and mentally, explaining that his intention was to turn Ryan into the next Nightwing, a man that William somehow had a past connection with. The tests eventually turned into exhausting training sessions in combat, tactics, science, investigation, interrogation, etc. William, though stern, never lied to Ryan. If a topic arose, such as William's past, that the old man didn't wish to discuss he simply said so. The trust between the pair became strong as William forged Ryan into a warrior nearly without peer over the course of 15 years. When the time came William gifted Ryan with a combat suit, gear, weapons, and other state of the art tech. William had successfully turned a young, orphaned boy into a hero. Nightwing was reborn.


  • Martial Arts: William was forged into a master hand-to-hand combatant. In his prime he would have been able to match Batman or Captain America blow-for-blow.
  • Swordsmanship: William is a highly skilled swordsman.
  • Throwing: A trained knife-thrower, William has an uncanny aim with his knives, able to hit specific arteries and veins even in the midst of combat.
  • Weaponry: William is well versed and extremely skilled in the use of most weapons.


William Gray is susceptible to all human vulnerabilities.

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