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Mirrodin and Nichalus

"Kal told me, if there is one person in the world that he trusted was Bruce. Are you a man that can be trusted, like your predecessor?"
"I can be trusted. But, I do not trust....Either way, you're not Kal-El and I'm not Bruce Wayne. We're not brothers.
Superman and Batman speaking to one another for the first time.



"And you are?"
"I am Ree'Van.
Batman and Superman

After years of work and effort, Superman finished rebuilding the old Justice League's Watchtower. Activating it for the first time, Ree'Van sent out calls through the system's communication devices to the old strongholds of the original members of the Justice League. The first call was to the Batcave in Gotham City. The new Batman, Isaiah Muir, answered the call, teleporting to the Watchtower. There, in the newly rebuilt Justice League Watchtower, the new Superman and the new Batman met for the first time.


"Only like the greatest tag team of all time!"
Knubblechen Prime
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