Star Wars: Exodus Visual Encyclopedia
Biographical Information

Unknown, possibly Glee Anselm

Physical Description





2 meters

Eye Color

White Glow

Personal Information

Cortosis-weave greatsword

Fighting Styles

Custom style

Darksider Information

Dark Jedi Knight

Lightsaber Information
Political Information
Former Affiliation

Shadow Imperium

Current Affiliation
Exodus Information


Xahruk was found as a gladiator on an ignored Outer Rim planet by Darth Nemesis. While he was considered a brute and a savage in the arena, Nemesis found particular enjoyment in watching the Nautolan work. He could also feel the Force gleaming off him. Impressed, The Codru-ji Sith arranged a fight against unbearable odds, and wagered on Xahruk's victory. The outcome was even better than he had expected, and when the day's events were over, Nemesis approached the gladiator with an offer Xahruk could not refuse.

It was here that he found that Xahruk had far more control over his sensitivity to the Force than he had thought, but felt that using it in such means was pointless and a waste of time. The Dark Jedi was just the candidate that Darth Invisus was looking for, and so Nemesis recruited the Nautolan into the ranks of the Sith Brotherhood.

Xahruk accompanies Nemesis and Saias Kargon, the second new Hand of Darkness, to the Cylon Imperium, where a fragile alliance was formed with the Sith Brotherhood. Afterwards, he was assigned to field work within the boundaries of the Shadow Imperium, acting as Invisus's personal enforcer. He was later ordered to return to Cylon space with Saias Kargon, and was instructed to inform Invisus the moment the Imperium was ripe for the picking. The two obeyed, unaware that the Sith Revolution occurred, and Darth Trayus killed Invisus.

When the Sith-Cylon War ended, Xahruk and Saias both swore their fealty to Trayus, and Xahruk became a general in the Sith Lord's army.

Skills and Abilities[]

Xahruk is a fierce warrior, honing his skills on melee combat. With no formal training in any lightsaber forms, much less without a lightsaber itself, Xahruk's combatative abilities are often raw, untamed and widely unpredictable. While he holds a command over the Force, he will not typically employ any powers beyond that which to help him in combat. He was dual-apprenticed by both Saias Kargon and Darth Nemesis, before Nemesis's death, in order to unleash his true potential. Xahruk will often equip a Sith greatsword, made of a cortosis weave, into battle.