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The Chosen[]

The Chosen are the elite warriors of the Xen'Chi. Born with an innate ability to detect the Force the Chosen are seperated from their families as soon as they show signs of having the ability. Put through a rigorous, violent training regiment this cadre of warriors are bred to kill. Pushed to near primal desire during training the Chosen are forced to look within themselves to find the ability to continue, sometimes with deadly consequences. Once the Chosen have reached this primal connection with the Force they are moved further along in their training, to train with the Viciron, the eldest and strongest of the Chosen.

During the training under the Viciron the Chosen are taught how to use the Force. Not in the same way the Jedi use it, they are trained to use the Force to kill. Using techniques such as enchancing their speed, strength and pre-cognitive battle abilities they become a truly vicious warrior. Continuing to be pushed the Chosen are taken into the mountains of Chil'a'Chin and left to die. With only their training they are told to survive for a week. If they survive they have graduated from their training, offically becoming a Chosen and earning the right to wear a Srraka Blade.