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  • Darth Invide
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Yeurl, better known as Darth Invide, was a Sith Lord of the Sith Covenant.

Biography Edit

Yeurl was born on Roon sometime around 35 BBY. He was recruited into the Sith Covenant and graduated as a Neophyte sometime around 21 BBY. He served as a Blackguard for three years, before being apprenticed to Darth Obscurus, the Dark Lord of the Sith. He became a Sith Knight in 12 BBY and a Sith Lord sometime around 3 BBY, taking the name Darth Invide.

In 2 BBY, he was ordered to infiltrate the Minari Order, an order of Dark Jedi suspected to have derived from the Genoharadan. After a power struggle, in which his former apprentice was killed, he eventually became leader of the order, and around 3 ABY he abducted Katya, intending to groom her as his successor. Some time after the destruction of the Sith Empire, he recruited Tol Reban.

He tried to forge an alliance with the Dark Jedi Lord Kamulos and Gauntlet - the Triumvirate - but after the disappearance of both his allies, he disbanded the Triumvirate and returned to Roon, taking up the mantle of Darth Invide once again.

The CovenantEdit

Once again Darth Invide, he undertook several missions prior to the Covenant War, subverting worlds and setting up training facilities on several worlds.

A few days into the Covenant War, his attention was drawn to a training facility on Kothlis. Eventually he went there to investigate, only to run into and battle Ori'vod and Zaara Archin. He narrowly escaped with his life, reporting back to Obscurus on his failure.

After the death of Obscurus and the ascension of Darth Kabal, Yeurl was the only Sith Lord of the Covenant for a time. He took over the apprentices of Obscurus, Kornil Vraen and Sienna Torr, finishing their training.

Sith EnclaveEdit

After the formation of the Enclave, Yeurl was created Duke of Hynah and the Director of Enclave Intelligence.

Information & Statistics Edit

Yeurl was the master of several styles of lightsaber combat, and usually fought in a style which combined Form II with elements of the other forms. Thus, he was able to adapt his fighting style to counter that of his opponent. Yeurl was also a great believer in the lightsaber technique known as Flowing Water.

Lightsaber Combat Edit

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