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Zaara Archin
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18 BBY

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183 cm

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Krynn Cordoban



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Dark Jedi Master


Jedi Guardian

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Dual-phase singlebladed

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Zaara Archin was a powerful but relatively unsuccesful Dark Jedi Master. She was a close ally of Dark Jedi Krynn Cordoban, and at least once cooperated with the Whiphid Blackguard Velok.

Biography Edit

Little was known about the past of Dark Jedi Zaara Archin. Before the Battle of Corellia, she and her ally, the Dark Jedi Krynn Cordoban, tried to take control of Eriadu, a plot that ultimately failed, though Zaara and Krynn still retained quite a bit of political power on Eriadu.

While Krynn was still swaying the population on Eriadu against the New Republic, Zaara travelled to Oechalia in a bid to take control of that world as well. Her plot was thwarted by the Brotherhood of the Twilight, when three of that order - Matthew Donovan, Leos and Gaebriel Marien - killed her disciples there, forcing her to return to Eriadu.

She next appeared on Aridus, where she was preparing the revival of the Iron Tower in the company of her two apprentices, the twins Kaleel and Kaleen. Her plans were thwarted once again by the intervention of Leos, who brought his apprentice, Raven D'yrii, and his uncle, Bizzy Hunt. The battle on Aridus resulted in the death of Kaleel, depriving Zaara of an apprentice, and left both Zaara, Raven and Bizzy wounded. At least six ex-OWE troopers were killed, either by Zaara or Kaleen.

Zaara hurled herself off the Iron Tower on Aridus after the battle, surviving somehow to return to Eriadu with Kaleen. In 17 ABY, she and Kaleen, now a fully-fledged Dark Jedi, travelled to Kothlis to investigate rumours of Dark Side users there; not only would Zaara be disposing of future enemies, but she might also find something useful among their possessions.

Once on Kothlis, she soon discovered exactly what she was up against; the Sith Covenant. She joined forces with the Whiphid Velok, and fought Yeurl and Darth Obscurus. The battle against Obscurus saw the deaths of Kaleen and Velok's ally Ori'vod, but ended with the death of Obscurus. Afterwards, she and Velok parted ways, and Zaara returned to Eriadu to recuperate.

In 18 ABY, she defeated and mortally wounded Norun Tarkash in a duel on Nar Shaddaa, before escaping.

Information & Statistics Edit

Zaara was the master of several styles of lightsaber combat, and usually fought in a unique style which combined elements of Form II, and VII with elements of Form III, IV and V. Her style also included elements of Dun Möch at times.

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