Zohmaj Hauc
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1.96 meters

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Black (Bald now)

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  • Red
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"I've never seen someone whose soul is so tainted by the Dark Side. I would venture to say he's the worst of them all. Palpatine, Vader, Kun, they don't have anything on this man. What was that? Heh. I doubt some of the more recent upstarts we've seen could touch him. That's someone you need to stay away from, no matter what."
Derek Muir, to Isaac Bel'kaar, on the being known as Zohmaj Hauc
"The darkness and shadows have gathered together to form one being, one man. Kir, this is someone you could never beat, no matter how hard you tried. I suggest you leave the matter alone. You have a wife, a family. Is the glory of death in combat really truly worth it?"
Joshua Karn, to Kir Nayrus, on the being known as Zohmaj Hauc
"I am a god. You people do not realize but my guiding hand has been in your lives since all of your conception. It is my vision that has brought these things about, a vision of a galaxy that will soon become a reality. I have been the force behind some of your births and most assuredly the deaths of those you hold dear. Even the word you call yourselves, Ok'rimos. In Silserik, it means "Victorious" and "Forcers". In Eldarik, it means "The Glorious". In the Muir dialect of Bothese, "Okerimos" means "Family". If I didn't exist, if my actions hadn't taken place, you wouldn't be the famous family that you are. People wouldn't know your names."
"Do you expect me to thank you?"
"No. But, I do expect you and that whelp and both of your collection of spawn to realize the amount of time and effort I've put into planning this."
"I'm sure the dead of our families thank you. You killed the only family I had, the man I considered a father to me. You killed Akain's parents, basically creating him. Don't expect me to show you any mercy."
"Of course not, boy. But think on what you just said about the White Ghost. I created him, his parents just did the dirty work. I made him what he is. I sent him to Xagre, I sent him to Dathomir. You think his ship's communication array was powerful enough to receive Faarel Blackthorne's message? I wanted him to meet Leidias. I have given all of you everything you could have wanted and everyone you hold dear. Akain's family, your family. The children the two of you have brought into this world And this is how you have repaid me? Very well. It is time I teach you children a lesson. I have already dealt with the Nagai. Now I shall deal with you.
— Zohmaj Hauc and Isaac Bel'kaar
"I hate him. I want to see him dead. This is the point in the conversation where you tell me that hate leads to the Dark Side, Furball."
"I would, except I hate his guts too. Guess we're both screwed.
Rhyana Torshey and Derek Muir


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